2021: Happy Holidays!

I’m writing this a little too late for Christmas but not far from the year-end either.

Please accept my sincerest wishes for a happy holiday (or just plain ‘hoorah-ing’ at the end of another year and welcoming a new one) and as a friend told me, do more of what makes you happy.

And truly, it’s a great reminder. Sending lots of love and hugs.

The blog will be on the backburner for some time as I’m in the cave working on translating, brushing up and editing Dormitory Love spring+summer until the end of February or early March (I’m halfway into character route #3 of #6, wish me well!).

All the best in 2022!

– Amaya (@aheadofthenight)

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Aru Kanri’nin no Koi: Game Updates and Paid Version

Mirin-san has announced more updates that I will go into detail below.

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Blog posts in audio

So I mentioned a while back about converting some guides on this blog to audio and the first is finally out!

Spotify link to Amaya’s Guide to Japanese Content; Where to buy digital drama CDs

For the mean time, it’s narrated using a male AI voice. Follow on Spotify to stay updated!

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Aru Kanrinin no Koi spring+summer: Now browser/smartphone-compatible!

Making a new post to say that the Japanese version of Dormitory Love spring+summer is now browser & smartphone/tablet-compatible!!

Link: https://novelgame.jp/games/show/5123
Link 2: https://plicy.net/GamePlay/118714

Everything remains the same, just playable on any device that has a browser! Meaning if you’re on your smartphone, tablet and nowhere near a computer, you can play this~!

If you’re inclined, there’s a tip function on NovelGame using an email-form of Amazon Japan gift cards, no fixed amount 🙂

(Currently available only in Japanese. English translation is in the works by yours truly! 😅)