2021: Happy Holidays!

I’m writing this a little too late for Christmas but not far from the year-end either.

Please accept my sincerest wishes for a happy holiday (or just plain ‘hoorah-ing’ at the end of another year and welcoming a new one) and as a friend told me, do more of what makes you happy.

And truly, it’s a great reminder. Sending lots of love and hugs.

The blog will be on the backburner for some time as I’m in the cave working on translating, brushing up and editing Dormitory Love spring+summer until the end of February or early March (I’m halfway into character route #3 of #6, wish me well!).

All the best in 2022!

– Amaya (@aheadofthenight)

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Princess Closet Shuu Tachibana Birthday Project 2018 + Past scrapbooks

Another year means another round of birthday celebrations for characters of one of my favourite mobile otome games!

Shuu’s birthday will be in February so my friend, Ms Nanami has already started some work on the album where fan art and messages will be collected and sent to Ciagram’s office in Tokyo!

Messages and birthday wishes for Shuu will be collected from February 8 to 15 (JST) on Twitter and comments that are left in this post. Messages in any language are welcomed!


☆Leave a comment below with your message in 25-30 words and include your preferred name


☆Tweet your message with these hashtags (#プリクロシュウ誕 #priclo_shuubday) anytime during February 8-15. If your Twitter account is made private, feel free to send me a DM (@aheadofthenight) and I’ll relay it to Ms Nanami 😀

Check out the past work done by Ms Nanami and many other Japanese fans who contributed not only messages but also fan-created content (artwork, short stories) of Princess Closet!

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