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Aru Kanri’nin no Koi: Game Updates and Paid Version

Mirin-san has announced more updates that I will go into detail below.

Aru Kanri’nin no Koi / Dormitory Love will be available in two releases, at least for the foreseeable future.

The game will remain free to play on and PliCy. However, from March 2022 onwards, it will not have the *bonus content* that will be in the paid version.

*This refers to the extras that are unlocked after completing the game.

Game updates include

  • The definitive main menu visual (the existing main menu has been a placeholder)
  • Character bio included when attempting to select a character route
  • Changes to the gameplay UI (playing on desktop/mobile browser may now be easier)
  • Include original music for the game (Sean’s image song will be included as it was previously only available on NOIZ -for 2021-, a music typing game.)
  • New bonus visuals when you fully clear the game
  • A trailer made specifically for the Tyrano Game Festival
  • The game’s file size will be lower (the current release is about 900MB which may be difficult to load on mobile due to the size)
  • Changes in background music to allow monetisation during live streaming of lets-plays (only once this update is released; the current release as of Dec 11, 2021 does not allow monetisation)

The paid release and the English release are both currently being worked on.


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