eBookJapan merges with Yahoo! Bookstore

eBookJapan (eBook Initiative Japan) have merged their operations with Yahoo! Bookstore, according to a press release.

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Changes to new eBookJapan registrations

Note: As of Feb 28, 2019 onwards, the original eBookJapan site no longer accepts new registrations and existing users can migrate their account and books to the new website.

I will go into detail about the merging of eBookJapan with Yahoo! Japan’s Bookstore (their ebook retail arm) soon.

The guide to the now former website can be found on the next page and will be archived in the near future.

An updated version is under construction.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

group of people having neon party
Photo by Marcin Dampc on Pexels.com

What, it’s been six years since I started this blog? (WordPress tells me that Feb 27 is the day I registered with them)

/cues laughter GIF

Anyhow, I can still remember starting my first blog with my twin a LONG TIME AGO. Even longer than this blog’s anniversary.

What’s more, my twin and I are sharing a birthday today! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I started this blog and even more so on how far I’ve come.

You might see her anytime on my blog so I hope you stick around, lovelies ☺♡

Recently watched: DC’s Titans

I have a peculiar habit of adding a lot of shows to my list and when I do watch them, only a handful ends up getting some time from me.

Anyhow, I heard of the series from DC-related news and I’m surprised at how much it drew me in. (Read: I watched several episodes back-to-back…)

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Apologies for the accidental posting of my draft!

I am in the midst of adding something on the app that I didn’t realise that I tapped the publish button instead when it tells me that the draft is successfully saved.

I suppose a good night’s sleep is in order! 😅 I hope everyone has a lovely weekend ✨

If you’re celebrating the Lunar New Year, how has it been so far? I’d love to know!

Reading Romance at the Internet Archive and OpenLibrary

Being a romance reader outside the States, I don’t have a library that I can turn to so it means if I want to read it, I gotta buy it. (I hope no one takes this the wrong way ;w;) It took me a long time to get going because one, physical copies take up space. I don’t have a lot of it left. And the other reason, region restrictions.

Imagine my surprise when I found romance novels (or simply, copyrighted books!) available for digital loans at the Internet Archive!

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Princess Closet 2019 Shuu Tachibana Birthday Celebration

It’s that time of the year again! Shuu’s birthday will be soon and Ms. Nanami is again gathering messages on Yosetti to compile as an album which will be sent to the Ciagram team in Tokyo!

Messages on Yosetti will be accepted until February 14 11:59PM while artwork and other submissions have until the midnight of February 16. All times are in GMT +9.

Follow this link to post your celebratory message for Shuu and the Ciagram team.

If you can’t access the link, just copy and paste the following.


For those unfamiliar with Yosetti, read this! Feel free to forward any other questions in the comment section and I’ll try and help 🙂

Note: Featured image is from the old Ameba release. It’s no longer available. Coincidentally, some of the avatar items are for Shuu’s 2nd main story. While the poster avatar was for the… character popularity poll, I think? My memory’s a bit fuzzy xD

I’ll also update this entry with Ms. Nanami’s post when Ciagram receives the album!
You get to check out what went into the package ✨✨

P.S. The continuation stories will be getting an overseas release!

Princess Closet Thanks Carnival ・5th Anniversary Fan Celebration

Coming January 14, it will be FIVE WHOLE YEARS since Princess Closet first released on Ameba!

Ms. Nanami is inviting Princess Closet fans everywhere to write in your celebratory messages on Yosegaki, the website she has previously used for Kai and Akito’s birthdays as well 🙂

(Please refer to this post as to how to navigate the website and post your message!)

The cut-off time for the messages will be January 6, 11.59PM (Japan Standard Time, GMT+9)!

If you missed the link, here it is again: https://yosetti.com/mainyosegakis/invite?id=1529882&sc=UNBGL

Apparently, the Princess Closet Twitter had changed its icon to a Christmas theme a while back. If you missed it, check out Ms. Nanami’s post (in Japanese) here!

It’s a little late but Happy New Year everyone! Here is to another year of many good things, joy and peace for all of us! 🎉🎉

First Love Story (Hatsukoi Signal・初恋シグナル) from favary

(This is an ongoing post and will be updated as I play.)

The two characters meet in their 2nd year of high school…
The beginning of their “First Love Story”.

❤︎ A love that blooms slowly but surely …
❤︎ A love that began from a lie…
❤︎ A love where both are unwilling to stay friends…
❤︎ A love that is reciprocal and complimentary on both sides…

Love can come in many forms.
What will happen to their First Love story?
Enjoy the different kinds of love, all in a single app.

Get the game at Play Store (Android)App Store (iOS)
Social media: FacebookInstagramWebsite

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