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Anyplay – An unlimited audiobook streaming service

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Anyplay is an audiobook streaming service that gives you unlimited listens to audiobooks published by HarperCollins, RecordedBooks, Grupo Planeta and Scholastic, to name a few.

Last updated: February 22, 2021

Their website states there are at least content available in more than 25 languages and about 200,000 audio books. The service is also available in 150 countries.

The service is available on iOS, Android and recently, on browser!

On the iTunes app page, it lists the subscription cost as 9.60 USD a month and 86.39 USD a year.

Edit: Prices depend on your location and charges at your local rate and currency. A plus in my book 🙂

I’m not able to compared other audiobook services to Anyplay but I like how this doesn’t feel intimidating to use. Just choose a title and you can start playing.

There is a 7-day trial which requires a payment method but doesn’t charge until the trial is over.

There is a good variety of titles available when it comes to fiction and non-fiction (I believe). However, I don’t see books in other languages besides language study books.

The curated playlists are all right but you’re better off searching for authors or narrators. Occasionally the ‘more by author’ doesn’t show all the titles either.

A bookmark function would be great as it doesn’t really resume where you left off, even though I saw it once but never after.

There is a sleep timer, choice of listening speeds, and a chapter list (which lists the cumulative audio length, which I find odd).

Initially, I found the Android app and downloaded it first but it’s a huge disappointment seeing as

  1. The installed version doesn’t respond when tapping on titles in search results.
  2. You can fix this by joining the beta program but this leads to constantly being signed out.

So I tried the iOS app. It’s much more functional and looks better as the Android app doesn’t show very well on my phone.

With the varied content and the availability of the service in my region, I can see myself subscribing to this audiobook service, though bugs on the Android app needs a good ironing out to make it usable.

Find them on the AppStore / Google Play / browser player.

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