July 2021: Blog updates

Help me out with the poll at the end of the post! xD

First of all, nothing drastic is happening, just considering to add audio versions of selected blog posts using Anchor.fm’s text to speech converter. Some articles are outdated and needs reworking.

I’ve always considered my blog as a publication of sorts so it’s not too cluttered with updates without content (hence Ko-Fi, where I drop some sneak peeks).

On non-blogging news, I started Twitch using my phone to livestream the Vita.

The idea is to roughly talk about lesser known (Japanese) games* in English as I play them but I’ll see how that goes.

My head is a bit of jumble so doing this on the spot/live might make me rather incomprehensible. Plus I don’t have a suitable holder for my phone/tablet yet. – Still testing this idea.

*Looking to do this for Neoromance games, particularly the Haruka and Geten titles.

*Edit: Striking that out for the time being. I just don’t have the setup for Vita games at the moment. So I may look into PlayStation 2 games or PC games?

I have a few song translations that’s waiting to go up but also dragging my feet at. It’s a new-to-me artiste and their lyrics are great.

Added two new affiliate links (DLsite and BookWalker – both Japan and Global).

I’m also working on a flowchart cataloguing Neoromance titles, basically an overview of the titles, hardware its released on, specs/traits of gameplay – it’s moving slowly.

Currently attempting to edit Felix’s route so we can get an English demo released for Dormitory Love spring+summer.

If there’s anything you’d like me to write about, anything otome or Japanese content related, tell me about it (email me!), leave a comment or vote in the poll below! It’d be a great way to help me with my ever-growing number of drafts.

I can only say that I will look at the topic/subject but can’t promise to write it. It just gives me a little more motivation to get me started.

Poll ends at midnight, August 8th, 2021!

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