Updates for Dormitory Love spring+summer

It’s been a long time since an update but there are several things ongoing with the game.

Update! The JP remake now has a demo covering the prologue. Brand new UI, shiny sprites and even fully-voiced (including the MC)!

Send in your comments to Mirin-san on Twitter (@Mirin36) 😀 Find the demo here.

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Recently using: focus@will

focus@will basically features scientifically proven music to help you focus and increase your productivity while you work.

If you have trouble concentrating and/or prefer some noise while you work, read on!

photography of woman using laptop
Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

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Birthdays and Anniversaries

group of people having neon party
Photo by Marcin Dampc on Pexels.com

What, it’s been six years since I started this blog? (WordPress tells me that Feb 27 is the day I registered with them)

/cues laughter GIF

Anyhow, I can still remember starting my first blog with my twin a LONG TIME AGO. Even longer than this blog’s anniversary.

What’s more, my twin and I are sharing a birthday today! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I started this blog and even more so on how far I’ve come.

You might see her anytime on my blog so I hope you stick around, lovelies ☺♡

Recently watched: DC’s Titans

I have a peculiar habit of adding a lot of shows to my list and when I do watch them, only a handful ends up getting some time from me.

Anyhow, I heard of the series from DC-related news and I’m surprised at how much it drew me in. (Read: I watched several episodes back-to-back…)

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Apologies for the accidental posting of my draft!

I am in the midst of adding something on the app that I didn’t realise that I tapped the publish button instead when it tells me that the draft is successfully saved.

I suppose a good night’s sleep is in order! 😅 I hope everyone has a lovely weekend ✨

If you’re celebrating the Lunar New Year, how has it been so far? I’d love to know!

Princess Closet Thanks Carnival ・5th Anniversary Fan Celebration

Coming January 14, it will be FIVE WHOLE YEARS since Princess Closet first released on Ameba!

Ms. Nanami is inviting Princess Closet fans everywhere to write in your celebratory messages on Yosegaki, the website she has previously used for Kai and Akito’s birthdays as well 🙂

(Please refer to this post as to how to navigate the website and post your message!)

The cut-off time for the messages will be January 6, 11.59PM (Japan Standard Time, GMT+9)!

If you missed the link, here it is again: https://yosetti.com/mainyosegakis/invite?id=1529882&sc=UNBGL

Apparently, the Princess Closet Twitter had changed its icon to a Christmas theme a while back. If you missed it, check out Ms. Nanami’s post (in Japanese) here!

It’s a little late but Happy New Year everyone! Here is to another year of many good things, joy and peace for all of us! 🎉🎉

A change in focus

With 100 posts on the blog, it’s high time for me to talk about a change with my blog’s focus.

I started this blog to give my otome game fandom space. Almost nine years after stumbling upon free-to-play doujin otome games, it pretty much trickled to something I do IF I had long stretches of free time.

Anyhow, just a very roundabout way of saying I’ll be blogging about other things outside my usual consumption of games, manga and other Japan-related things.

On the other hand, I have been reading a lot. This year saw me reading plenty of new authors. What have you been doing outside of Japan-related hobbies? :3

Princess Closet Akito Birthday Album 2018 reveal and new official icons!

The Princess Closet fans in Japan has once again got together to compile messages and various fan-made illustrations, stories into an album for Akito!

Check out Ms. Nanami’s post over here.

There are also various fan-made icons that you can use on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – change your icon on October 25 and gather around to celebrate our beloved photographer’s birthday 🙂

Ciagram has also released new icons for you to use on Twitter! The account’s icon now features a CG from their Halloween event with Akito. That is some costume the both of them are wearing ;’D

On another front, they have a small announcement (embedded above) tucked away on their pinned tweet, apparently, with tidings of a certain something in the works related to Princess Closet! They ask fans to look forward to further news.