2021 and a Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and thriving year ahead!

2020 saw an increase of views which I didn’t expect seeing as there was a drop in the year before.

Finished translating one out of six character routes for Dormitory Love (as well as translating all the common events from scratch) which is a big win for me. Have started on a second character, fingers crossed!

The drama CD buying guide got its first 1000 views which came into one of the most read posts last year. I do hope it’s useful!

There is an updated goal on my Ko-Fi which includes helping me pay my insurance, pet food, savings as well as saving for a laptop battery replacement for the long-term. It’s running out of power pretty quickly and it’s the device I use to work on.

If you are financially able to and enjoyed what I’ve written here, you can give me a cuppa or consider commissioning a translation from me :3

I’m also verified on Brave, so if you use Brave browser, you can tip me on Twitter but only on desktop.

There will be exclusive updates on Ko-Fi such as sneak peeks or mini-updates for blog content and Dormitory Love.

My posts will always be available to read in its entirety for free, right here.

Thank you for reading what I’ve written so far! I’m curious as to what will come next.

Until next time! (waves)


October 2020

How is everyone doing? I haven’t wrote here in a while because of an error with saving drafts which really ticked me off, more than once.

Anyhow, we picked up several Vita ports and DLCs from the final Neoromance sale on the Japan PSN. Seeing as I’ve got Marutono’s DLC, I bought Corda Octave along with a how to-doodle book from Amazon JP that I might write about on another post.

We also got a Nintendo DS (rose gold even, how lucky!) a while ago. I’ve been playing TokiMemo Girls Side 2, Miss Princess!, Art Academy and Angelique Duet. Not all at the same time, LOL.

Lumiale’s harp playing is such a joy to listen to!

Angelique seeing Lumiale at the park playing his harp. The tune is his character theme.

Books-wise, I’ve been reading on and off. Nothing interesting really, though I’m on a manga-phase as I’m writing this.

My mental state is hitting one rough patch after another. It’s exhausting to just be hanging by the thread. But one moment at a time, eh?

Sending everyone good thoughts!


July 2020 – General update

I’ve been working (and still am!) on things like trying to get a hustle off the ground, some paid work that came in and a bunch of things that leaves me behind on my side projects (the blog and Dormitory Love’s translation). Hopefully, I hope to get back into both things in mid-August or so.

SDCC (Comic-Con) will be virtual this year and one of my fave artistes, Darren Hayes will be appearing on Lights, Camera, LGBTQI-Identity! Never Alone with a bunch of other people like contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race (and more!) for the Pop Culture Hero Coalition to spread its anti-bullying message.

The video will be available to watch when it goes live this Friday/Saturday, depending on your timezone.

Then there’s DC FanDome which will be a 24-hour virtual convention for fans worldwide. It’ll be in multiple languages besides English. I’m also super excited for this because of possible announcements for Young Justice’s season four!!

Edit: I’m adding Justice Con (#JC2020) into the list too because Zack Snyder, Jay Oliva, Ray Porter, Ray Fisher and a lot of other people from the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement will be having panels online.

There are two donation drives going, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and Ink to the People where you can buy merchandise and it will also go to the ASFP.

How is it going for all of you?

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Open for JtoE Commissions!

I’m available for Japanese to English translation commissions or if you prefer, a Ko-Fi in exchange for a quick TV-size song translation as well 🙂

Technical or legal documents as well as NSFW content will not be accepted. I also reserve the right to refuse.

Samples of my work

You can choose whether the finished commission can be made public on my blog or in other cases, private for your own reading pleasure.

If you’re interested, please fill out this form or email me at aheadofthenight(at)outlook(dot)com with the content that you like me to translate (as well as any supporting materials, if applicable) and I’ll give you a quote then we’ll proceed from there!