End of 2016

Just wanted to put in a quick post to thank everyone who’ve commented and visited this year. Thank you so much! 😊

I wish I would get out of my hibernation to blog for the coming year, but I’m just too uncoordinated at the moment. (however, you can check my Twitter to find out what I’m still up to lol)

Originally jobless, I found something six months ago that suited me and I’m quite happy with it. With a job for the past year, I finally have to apply for an income tax number :’3 My twin, Asera and I have also successfully bought a few stuff and I hope I can share photos of those lovely things we’ve got.

Have another awesome year of fangirling ahead, everyone! And may things go smoothly for you 💖


Changes + late 3rd year anniversary

I’m making some changes and some stuff might be unavailable for the time being. Appearances-wise, I switched fonts! Finally easy AND pretty on the eyes.

Actually wrote about Tendou-ke’s second volume but I couldn’t remember a few things (and not sure where I left the book) so it’s postponed /o/ Will try and finish a post or two and queue them.

For Dormitory Love, Mirin-san has coded the flower-viewing event and the prologue has been updated to my latest translation so the coming update will have new stuff!! Please try it out and tell me what you think >W< Find it here!

After I wrote my last entry on my other blog, I’m halfway giving up on this blog /screaming inwardly

and I’m not sure whether I want to write about romances here…

Most of the time, I don’t spare much time to do something for reviews (I tried that but it piled more pressure me instead and I end up setting it aside for long periods of time).

Even when I say I’d do whatever I like, it sounds so haphazard that I try to work out a routine of sorts. Which I continue to fail at.

And so my journey continues…

Third year since this blog went live and I’m still wrestling with myself for a sense of control |D



(late) 2nd anniversary!

Missed this by about a month or more but congratulations that this blog is still alive despite how less I post here ☆゚+.オメデトウ(○ゝω・○)ノ゚+.☆

There are unboxing posts I should put up but I haven’t write them ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙

I’m really interested with the Nojima brothers as of late and Nojima Kenji’s Itsuka Dokoka no Boku ni tsuite’s album crossfade sounded really nice! Give it a listen here.


But anyways, enjoy your manga reading and otome gaming life you guys! *(*´∀`*)☆



2014 in review – otome games

An idea hit me when I was browsing a Japanese otome blog I’ve been following. I think this year had been where I’ve went all out on my otome and smartphone games.

Some games I’ve played and enjoyed this year, not in any particular order.

  • Harukanaru Toki no naka de 2 (PSP)
    – Part visual novel and part stat-raising game from Koei Tecmo’s Neoromance series, Harukanaru Toki no naka de, Takakura Karin (default name) is summoned to Kyou, an alternate dimension where it resembles the Heian era to save it from destruction. (more info here) She has no clue what the new world is like and (depending on choice, but she is by default) quite positive-minded about doing her best in whatever she can to save Kyou.
  • Princess Closet (iOS and Android)
    – An Ameba game and app about an ordinary office worker being chosen as the face and model of a popular fashion brand called Princess Closet. We follow the outcomes of her choice when she chooses/approaches any one of the male characters for advice. Has good amount of dress-up missions and the story can be enjoyed and completed for free. Will have a post detailing the gameplay soon.
  • Shirahana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~ (PSP/English port on iOS and Android as Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate)
    – The what-if story of the ancestors for the original Hiiro no Kakera series. I love how mature the subject (sins and guilt) and characters are. Some parts of the story (battles and hidden agendas) are slightly repetitive but from the big picture, it’s as good as it can get. Story-wise, very heavy. The fandisk’s Spring and Autumn stories are absolutely perfect. Winter features Tomonori and Aterui’s route. Summer is where all the characters, ALL of them coming together making noise for the festival. Summer and Winter wasn’t much to my liking but glad that Tomonori has a route because he, along with Akifusa are part of the backbone supporting Shiki as the Tamayori-hime and he deserves a happy end for once.
  • Gunjou no Yuki (PC; trial version and fully-voiced, currently in development)
    – Stellatica’s game features Takigawa Nanase, a high school student who was cleaning the -warehouse of sorts but for home- as a favour for her mother, gets sucked into a diary which had been written in the Taishou era. Without properly realising what her situation was, she gets into trouble when Nanase runs into some bad people and a kind boy with Western features saved her.
    She is welcomed to his family’s home and started working in return for letting her stay. Nanase has only a wretched future awaiting her but…
    “Would you be saved if the past is changed? Or would it be…”

    The trial version is available for download. A physical release had been decided on top of a free download (but there are route restrictions) The physical release would contain the entire story as well extras.
  • Glass Heart Princess (PSP)
    – Himeno Kyouko is a high-school student who finds that she has a rare illness called the Glass Heart Syndrome, where a slight excitement (anything that makes her heart beats faster) would cause her death. Her maid, Satsuki suggests that she falls in love in order to train her heart (along with sports, reading manga and etc) while her multi-talented butler, Shinnosuke aids in her adventures (he is also one of the playable characters ww). A very nice and light-hearted fun.
  • Hanayaka nari, Waga Ichizoku (PSP)
    – A PSP game from ichicolumn. The graphics are nice and the system’s refreshing for me who play text-based otome games most of the time |D The fact that there is something happening behind the scenes within the family and extended relations makes me intrigued.
  • Enkeltbillet (PSP)
    – The quests part are fu~~~n! I like the graphics and system. The Engrish in the game gives me a bad headache but the skip button comes into good use.
  • BAD condition DATE (PC/Android)
    – A voiced situation game. It’s about a couple who has a picnic date but it rains heavily and you both start to chat to pass the time. The protagonist (which is you) has no lines. There are quizzes on the first time playing the game but after that, you can play it on a ‘seamless’ mode like an audio drama. It’s playable on PC and Android.
    An adult-rated continuation is in the works.
  • Sh[in]e
    – A short and voiced otome game with very nice music and graphics. You wake up not knowing who and where you are. The story’s male protagonist, Sol who found you, is a toy-maker. After being found out that you both are sharing a room (and bed) by his mother, he proclaims that you are his fiancée in order to keep you and also to restore your memories. (Spoiler: Those who like fairy tales would enjoy this.)
  • Aru Kanri’nin no Koi – Ling(‘s) extra episode
    – This was released in conjunction of Ling-kun’s birthday and some additional stories not in the main games are here. Ling-kun’s so lovable and such a dear. I almost had my heart collapsing on me when the story progressed but thankfully, Ling-kun and Jun-chan can be together for always.

That’s a lot! XD Most of the commercial otome game releases in the later half of the year are on Vita which I sadly, don’t have. I’m looking forward to Haruka 6, UtaPri’s All Star After Secret, to name a few. I’m glad there are still PSP releases because I’ve only just bought the console last year! www

Even though it’s a little early, Happy New Year!


1st anniversary!

Anniversaries are something new because my posts have long intervals in between and somehow I always manage to miss them. Here or there.

This year is a change so Happy 1st Anniversary! ✲゚。.(✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。₀:*゚✲゚*:₀。

It has been my first year writing about otome stuff and it has been enjoyable even when I try too hard thinking of which game or book to write about. Take it easy, take it easy~ ♪ (laughs)

Hope to see more interesting stuff that I can write about, so long for now!


乙女コンテンツのブログは1周年になるとは、うおーーって感じでした(笑) これからもよろしくお願いいたします!






I’m really sorry ┃電柱┃_・)ジー

Settled a long string of thoughts and matters, and now a few days away from a new semester! Let’s fortify ourselves with a cup of good juice! 😀

During the hiatus, I manage to get my hands on some light novels that my friends at Twitter recommended me and I bought three titles! They were Nigana‘s Ijiwaru Koushaku no Yuuga na Takurami (いじわる公爵の優雅なたくらみ), Himeno Yuri‘s Gin no Ouji to Kohaku no Hime (銀の王子と琥珀の姫) and Mizuyama Itsuki‘s Nemurenai Akuma to Torikago no Uta-hime (眠れない悪魔と鳥籠の歌姫). The first two are josei and the last, a shoujo. :3

To get a feel on what shoujo and josei light novels are about, please check Kure-chan’s WP! (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆

Besides novels, I’ve got really excited when I played Eternal Lord -Jo’ou no Koibito- by SHALL. It’s a doujin (and a free) otome game! The characters were very refreshing and wonderful! The protagonist in particularly, Fiana (first name changeable) stands out so much with her baa-chan way of speaking o(>▽<o)(o>▽<)oキャハハ She’s only twenty and speaks like that already?! (laughing in a corner) The character route I’m finished with, Gail, is just, omg, I’m still not willing to play another character (gushing)

Music-wise, Yuuki Aira has a new song for Mobile Suit Gundam Age ~Memory of Eden~, Mirai no Moyou. I haven’t been repeating her songs as of late and only a jazz cover or two but this song is really lovely and I repeat them from time to time. I wonder how’s her ending theme for BlazBlue’s anime would be like >w< On the other hand, Fujita Maiko would appear at Anisama Live today and her free live at Nippon Budoukan has been decided! There would be a venue-limited CD from Maiko-san and she would soon announce what would the contents be :3

An~~d, Omoide no Toki wo Shuurishimasu’s compiled volume would go on sale this September 25th! CDJapan and AmazonJP has listed them :3 And a newsbit that took me by surprise, I found a listing of the novel’s continuation , with the additional subtitle, Ashita/Asu wo Ugokasu Haguruma (明日を動かす歯車) at AmazonJP for with a release date on September 20th. Wonderful news!! Wonder which vendor to order from ლ(´﹏`ლ)

That’s all from me! See you next time :3 v