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Snow Angel by Galen Games

Set in the same universe as Deliver Us From Evil, Snow Angel is Galen Games‘ first release. It’s a short otome* visual novel created for NaNoWriMo 2021 (that’s short for National Novel Writing Month).

“What if when you wished for something, someone answered?”

Snow Angel is a heart-warming love story between a human and an angel involving fluff, baking and falling snow. Pick your own pronouns and experience a charming tale within the alps.

Snow Angel’s synopsis from their page

The asterisk: It felt more like a romance visual novel seeing as the pronouns are customisable and the protagonist’s sprite is androgynous enough for the player to visualise their preference with. The love interest is an angel… not sure about the gender but the angel looks male.

Setting that aside, the game expanded really well on the beginnings and the protagonist’s blossoming feelings for Raphael.

The protagonist works at a café where after dealing with a rude customer, they needed some space.

That’s when Raphael comes in, who offers, to either hear them out or just offer them a friendly face.

Which is pretty cute, to be honest. I relate to the protagonist’s feelings about loneliness.

The protagonist felt so human. We get glimpses of them wondering about their eagerness for a friend yet attracted to them at the same time. And the eternal question of whether one should chatter a bit to keep up the conversation or to just enjoy the quiet.

I’m also glad that they took a little time to clarify where they stand with each other at different points in the game. We get to see a gradual progression of their relationship.

There are three different endings and I’m absolutely curious about how one of the endings went down off-screen.

The writing is lovely and I will always appreciate knowing the inner thoughts of the protagonist (that we’re playing as) in games.

It’ll be better if font size of the dialogue was bigger, easier to read. The visuals are cute and fuzzy (reminds me of some popular stuff on Picrew!) which meshes well with the vibe of the game.

Sound effects in Snow Angel are really on point and helps bring another level of enjoyment like the sound of stepping on snow, putting on ski gear and the like.

All in all, if you’ve played Deliver Us From Evil and want a little more, give Snow Angel a spin!

P.S. Until August 15th, 2021, Galen Games is accepting funds via Ko-Fi or to develop a DLC featuring Keldran and Ace (polyamory) for Deliver Us From Evil! You can get an artbook, early DLC access or even a mystery email from Keldran himself (with an optional recording including your name if you’re willing to provide them with that)!


Download Snow Angel on
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