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Songs from A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!)

Basically where you can stream A3! songs for free.

I need to thank whoever who used the search term to get to my blog. I don’t provide downloads but enjoy this guide!

First, A3! has full releases of their music on Spotify in Japan and internationally. I’m somewhere in Southeast Asia and I can listen to most of their songs on Spotify if not all.

Official Playlists

By Pony Canyon*

By Spotify

*Pony Canyon playlists are not kept up to date.

Playlists I made

I’ve made four different Spotify playlists in an attempt to collect all the tracks. You need to toggle ‘show unplayable tracks’ because some are still unavailable.

Will try and keep them updated 🙂

For those who don’t know how Spotify works, you can listen to whatever music you like for free. There’s a catch though. There will be ads and that you can’t choose which specific tracks you can listen to.

It plays on shuffle and has a limit to how many tracks you can skip until an ad pops up on the smartphone. You can overcome this on the PC/Web version or iPad (other tablets included) app but the skip track limits will still be in place.

Paid subscription removes all the above limits and allows you to listen to the music offline by downloading them on the device.

Second, iTunes and Apple Music

According to the official Twitter account, their music is also released on Apple Music. I have also found the link for their 1st theme song single and the latest release by the rookie members of the A3! family on Apple Music (United States).

A3ders! artist page (Apple Music)

And if their songs are available on your side of Apple Music, there is a 3-month trial for you to give it a go.

I won’t mention Japan’s region-restricted sites such as mora and recochoku but Youtube can be helpful at times like this. I think Google Play Music is also another option if you’re on Android and have that in your region.

Lastly, if you have the cash to import, you can buy their CDs from CDJapan and Amazon Japan for example. It’s not cheap but worth the effort and money since the design, colours and the music are absolutely amazing.

Plus! If there is still stock with the codes (if they have not expired!), you can get a special card of your choice that you can’t get elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “Songs from A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!)

    1. Oh Anny! Thank you for confirming this! I hope more people can stream them instead. I was pretty surprised that most of the songs are on Spotify and available outside Japan |D

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