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Tendou-ke Monogatari vol.5 by Saitou Ken (天堂家物語 5巻 感想 – 斎藤けん)

To anyone wondering where is the review for volume 5, this is it!

Spoilers if you haven’t read volume 4 because it picked up from there.

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I’ve been wanting to write this when volume five came out things happened, I procrastinated and time passed.

“Once you step past the doors of the Tendou family, you’ll never come out alive” – Tendou-ke Monogatari, volume 5 by Saitou Ken

This volume opens with a saying that is associated with the Tendou family, “Once you step past the doors of the Tendou family, you’ll never come out alive”. Then we see the headlines of the death of the matriarch at the garden party from the previous volume.

Ran is banished from the Tendou household and is now alone as she searches for a certain individual. She then chances upon a young girl that is crying for her doll to be returned. She intervened and set the young boy right for teasing the little girl.

Ran reaches her Takamura Clinic only to collapse out of the blue. Turns out the injury she sustained from the garden party is still fresh and the man her Grandpa wants her to go to is Takamura Giichirou. A doctor and an old acquaintance of her Grandpa, whose name is Odzu Ryuusei.

Seems like Ran’s Grandpa reached out to him last summer to entrust Ran into his care. She then explained what happened in between the time of her Grandpa’s passing and the present time (volume 1-4, lol) to the doctor and his apprentice, Saburou.

There are further reveals of what Ran’s Grandpa is before his solitary life. She continues to spend her time there in the village with the doctor and Saburou.

On the other hand, the sudden death that happened at the garden party has salacious rumours of the Tendou family swirling among the reporters at a newspaper company. And one young man decided to look into it.

The young man tails Masato but sadly got taken down by Tachibana at the front gate of the Tendou’s family home.

We see the reporter with a cast on his arm after a scuffle with Tachibana and goes after the horse-drawn carriage that Akira was in. He then takes the opportunity to speak with her in order to get more details of the garden party. We see later on that it had been Amane disguised as Akira.

There is a summer festival at the village where Ran is and she is also earning a reputation for being good at massage. I think Saburou is attracted to Ran but she is oblivious. He has told her to forget about him and other similar things and the entire topic culminates in him kissing her and Ran punches him, telling him not to do it again.

Then it seems the men at the Tendou household had been keeping tabs on Ran by sending Murakami, an acquaintance of Masato’s father and Tachibana to the village where Ran is. Then Murakami wonders if a certain wish of Masato’s father was to test Tachibana’s determination. (If I remember correctly, Tachibana’s first name is Shuu? Let me know if I’m wrong.)

There is a grand celebration of the summer festival where Ran had attended only to faint after seeing a fire display. A vivid reminder of what happened to her before the series kicked off.

However, the children from earlier in the volume got involved with some trouble and Chiyo, the young girl begged Ran to help and she did, but ends up getting knocked out.

Ran have been in the middle of leaving the village and return to the Tendou household and Masato but what would happen to her now?

I suppose if compared to earlier volumes, it might have lacked development. It certainly felt that way to me but looking back, I suppose the developments have been a subtle kind that misled me into seeing that it’s a lull in the series.

Anyhow, I read the recent chapters in LaLa which tells me that it definitely got better and there are good things ahead.

As it is, I’m two volumes behind! Can’t wait to get back into it 🙂

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