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FabStyle by Koei Tecmo Games

Have been wanting to play it on 3DS for the longest time and my twin managed to catch a really sweet deal for the limited edition ^o^


FabStyle is a Nintendo DS/3DS game that was released under the Ruby Party label though not branded a Neoromance game.

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Expect spoilers in the post.

The game is a mash-up of running your own clothing store with dating sim elements. You will be a student at the academy studying business, fashion, finances as well as etiquette.

So you gotta do quizzes, finals, running the store and making sure you meet targets and initiate sales (though it’s all at the tap of a button, no worries) while making a good impression with the guys.

The first two levels are easier but the last two levels requires you to memorise the items and drop them to each customer. Which isn’t very fun for me.

If you’re entirely new to all kinds of Japanese etiquette, business and stuff, this is the game to kick off that part of your education. I kid you not.

You won’t necessarily meet the guys all in the first time playing so playing it multiple times also gives you the variety in your advertising and sales LOL

The romance in this game is a mixed bag. Depending on the character you’re after, it’ll either fall under slow burn or how fast it goes from zero to hundred. Certain characters will leave and you won’t see them for maybe a year or two/much later in the game.

The 3DS version has longer events and reflects your current coordinate which is fabulous. I bought this just for that, to be honest.

There’s also this amazing scene, starting at 0:47.

I love that you can get Megumi to hit a bad guy.

One of Yves’ events had Megumi pranking him by dressing up in Gothic lolita clothing, at Mari’s suggestion. 😂 There are also thick lace-up boots that commonly goes with it. Comes in three colours.

Some side characters are pretty colourful. One is the wife of the Japanese mobster who got more influential and offered to settle some trouble that Megumi has with rival stores, lol. Mari, the other employee, quickly reassures the lady there is no trouble whatsoever.

Shima Yumiko is an interesting character too. She has ties with Jin and knew Megumi’s sister as well. So when we bested her in level 3, she didn’t appear after. Which is pretty anti-climatic.

Then rival store owners on level 4 play ‘the other bitchy gal’ for the sake of winning. Which is *yawns*.

There are cases of problematic customers bringing in an item to return or exchange due to an imperfection or even items that weren’t even bought from you! That’s pretty funny.

The customers you get also depend on the guys that you’re interacting with. So spice it up to get a good mix of them.

Some events on level 4 let us see how jealous the guys get. Won’t it be interesting to see the protagonist getting called out on juggling multiple guys at a time.

Look at the evidence. Choosing who to dance with at the final award ceremony.

It’s a fun game but gets a little draggy at the last level, especially if you’re gonna replay it. Plus points for the quizzes because they give you actual real-world information on that LOL

Overview of the limited edition

The limited edition has a set of illustrated cards, soundtrack CD with vocal tracks from the game. There is a selection of in-game footages on DVD but those with Megumi appearing are not included, sad.

Though it’s worth getting them, if you snag them at a deal.

CD tracklist

  1. Blue Ala Carte(?) (ブルーアラカルト), sung by Reo
  2. Mebius no Obi, sung by Yves
  3. Ittehoshii, sung by Akira
  4. Coincidence, sung by Akira
  5. Mahou no Waltz, sung by Fleming
  6. You are All I Need, sung by George
  7. Peace, sung by Rick
  8. S’Fabulous, sung by Bobby (Grace Mahya)
  9. Summer Time, sung by Bobby (Grace Mahya)
  10. Kagayakeru Hibi, sung by Fuchi Mikako

Tracks 11 to 23 are the game’s background music. I really like the BGM, the modern interior is much preferable over the classic, probably because I’m tired with it LOL.

fabstyle game bgm list.png

The DVD includes the opening sequence, the award ceremony (4 variations), ending credits (3DS and DS versions), two promo footage and a tiny selection of events with the guys.

Jin (CV: Daito Shunsuke) – Hajimari no Hi ni, Show no Yoru ni
Reo (CV: Okamoto Hiroshi) – Coffee
Yves (CV: Nakamura Tomoya) – Ninki Model
Akira (CV: Miyano Mamoru) – Hana no shita de (3DS version), Totsuzen no Hinketsu 1, 2
Fleming (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) – Dancing Joe (two parts), Koi no Ketsumatsu (Fleming)
George (CV: Kusao Takeshi) – Koi no Ketsumatsu (George)
Rick Gruber (CV: Ogawa Teruaki) – Parasole Matte, Shuugeki, Koi no Ketsumatsu (Rick)

There are about 10+ events for each guy in the game and such a tiny amount compiled on the DVD is like a punch to the gut.

Check out the hardcover book covering the characters and their background, the clothes from various levels are included and they are gorgeous. A super short Q&A with the cast is included.

5 thoughts on “FabStyle by Koei Tecmo Games

  1. I used to not be interested in these kinds of games but after I played one game – I think StyleSavvy or something on DS, I was immediately hooked!! I had no clue there were more of these games until I kept seeing them crop up on people’s gaming instagrams and stuff like that LOL.

    I don’t think many got localized until a bit later, or maybe my ability to find these types of games is total crap (highly possible) but I’m glad there’s more out there!!

    I might have to see if I can get my hands on a copy of this and play it myself… my 3DS is kind of collecting dust ever since I finished Ultra Sun, but I wanna play more on it hahaha

    1. Never seriously thought that 3DS would be a console I’ll end up owning but after FabStyle, I would love to give other games a try. Style Savvy made the genre popular but there aren’t a lot of games of that standard (the amount of thought that went into the designs, system – just plain store management x fashion) – according to the comments online.

      Found this guide (http://michibiku.com/what-do-you-need-to-know-about-style-savvy/) for Style Savvy and it seems 2 and 4 are awesome so I’ll go with that xD There are others like Pop Cutie!, Cinderella Life though this is more RPG, not along the lines of SS, then some games that syn Sophia (SS’s developer) made which are Pretty Rhythm related.

      Wonder if the 3DS is slowly being phased out? There were still some games released last year…

      1. Ahaha yeah I had no clue there were more games after the original StyleSavvy tbh!! I might go ahead and give 2 and 4 a try as well as FabStyle lol ^q^ these games are more addictive and fun than I expected www.

        I think 3DS is being phased out in favor of the Switch now, since Switch has become Nintendo’s console as well as handheld. But I think 3DS is still pretty popular? Especially since it hasn’t been that long since the new 2DS was released… that being said, there’s a huuuuge library on 3DS so I’m not extremely worried.

        But yeah I think Switch is the new hot thing so I don’t think we’ll be seeing a lot of games for 3DS anymore. But I’m not entirely sure? @o@

  2. I might make an unboxing of my Premium Edition of the game showing the post cards, box art. I got it 2-3 years ago by now for $24 USD- I know you know the feeling of finding a good deal on something that’s so hard to find. The art is so nice and honestly seeing it makes me wish that games geared towards a “feminine” audience could look this good and not so simple as most seem to be( its a dream as I also know most of them are aimed at kids etc). I love these games ~ the first game I tried that got me into these types of games was PETZ Vet for GBA. after that it was Princess Debut for DS. besides all that I really wish the game made it to North America.

    1. Please do! It’ll be wonderful to read about your thoughts 🙂 Games geared toward women or girls tend to be sidelined but there’s still an audience, definitely. I got into otome games for the love interests and happy endings LOL Also embracing it with the bad endings, which has its place. Too bad Style Savvy in the U.S. didn’t get the additional update that Japan had. Let me know when you’ve posted it, will check it out ❤

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