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Some Gun X Sword production materials (DVD release bonus)

So last year, I went to Jalan-Jalan Japan, a spin-off venture of BookOff and a local company and found some Gun X Sword production materials which were from the limited editions of the DVD release.

There were only three different ones I’ve found (not that I ran through the place with a fine comb LOL) and each had several illustrated cards (with the original sketches on the back) and reproductions of the production sketches.

Looking back, I’d probably wouldn’t watch it now if I hadn’t back then. I’m no longer comfortable with over-sexualised depictions of the female characters.

Now, some photos \(^o^)/

volume visuals

There are sketches of the artwork on the back, like this.


Some production sketches that caught my eye 😀

production sketch 01production sketch03productionsketch02

The notes on each sketch are really interesting!


I wonder if it’s simple nostalgia that made me miss the anime I’ve watched in the past, haha.

Has anyone watched this series before? I think it has a rather interesting premise.

A man who seeks vengeance for his dead wife, a teenager who wishes to locate her brother and a young woman who is an information broker that keeps bumping into the pair during their journey. Add mechas and some sort of dark plot of the antagonist (the Claw Man) and it’s a pretty wild ride! XD (It doesn’t help that Van has his quirks too ;3)

Just found out that Gun x Sword had a made-to-order Blu-ray release last year! Here’s the opening sequence from the release.

You can watch the BD quality of the TV trailer on Youtube too! Below is an adorable flashback scene of Van and Wendy on their official Twitter ❤

P.S. No wonder I like this series. Kurata Hideyuki handled the scripts for this series and I love R.O.D The TV! |D

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