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Aru Kanri’nin no Koi: Game Updates and Paid Version

Mirin-san has announced more updates that I will go into detail below.

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Snow Angel by Galen Games

Set in the same universe as Deliver Us From Evil, Snow Angel is Galen Games‘ first release. It’s a short otome* visual novel created for NaNoWriMo 2021 (that’s short for National Novel Writing Month).

“What if when you wished for something, someone answered?”

Snow Angel is a heart-warming love story between a human and an angel involving fluff, baking and falling snow. Pick your own pronouns and experience a charming tale within the alps.

Snow Angel’s synopsis from their page
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Dormitory Love spring+summer June 2020 Update

I’ve finished the draft for all the events in the common route and working on Felix’s at the moment. The prologue is also translated from scratch.

Turns out I only translated till the hot spring event for Felix so there’s still a lot of ground to cover, apologies for the incorrect assumption.

I’ve made a page to track my progress and Mirin-san made a mini video with Ling’s voice seeing as he only appeared once in the demo’s prologue and he skipped going to see the cherry blossoms with the rest of the group.

The Japanese demo is now updated for its cast change and some fixes. It also includes the flower-viewing event as a bonus! Find the demo here.

Or watch it below. (Sorry about certain clunky places in the video.)

Demo for Dormitory Love spring+summer.

Lastly, you can always read snippets and WIPs of the game’s translation on Tumblr!

Thanks for reading ✨

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Ratalaika Games bringing indie VNs to consoles this 2020

Several familiar names like Hanako Games, sakevisual struck me among the titles that Ratalaika Games has announced for consoles.

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Root Double- Before Crime * After Days – Xtend Edition – Kickstarter

Branching off my usual otome titles, I’m gonna write about Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition’s Kickstarter, which is a collaborative effort between Sekai Project, Lemnisca Translations as well as Regista and Yeti to bring this PS3 and Vita release to English and to PCs (as well as Steam).

Anything that isn’t otome don’t usually fall under my radar. I first heard of it when my twin told me of it because the topic struck us both as really interesting, because nuclear energy was quite the topic then.

Root Double has two story paths. The first protaganist is Captain Watase Kasasagi, the rescue team captain who somehow lost his memories a few hours before the incident. So his team, Sirius went in to rescue the people that’s trapped in the nuclear research lab. It seems simple at first but then a meltdown happened and all of them have to stay alive until lockdown has been lifted.

Tthe second protagonist is Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a high school student who got trapped in the lab with his friends. His mother worked in the research facility but how did he and his friends get trapped inside?

The year is 2030. Business is as usual in the isolated research city of Rokumei–that is until several explosions suddenly go off in the nuclear research facility known as “LABO.” The city sends in “Sirius,” an elite rescue squad, to deal with the situation. But the situation only gets worse when LABO’s nuclear reactor melts down, sending the facility into lockdown–with members of Sirius and survivors still trapped inside. With lethal radiation leaking everywhere and not enough anti-radiation medication to last until lockdown lifts, the survivors make more and more grim discoveries. In their struggle for survival, in a deathtrap full of fire and radiation, they learn that doubt is their greatest enemy, and trust their greatest asset. ― from their ☆Kickstarter page☆

Now, the game has something called the Senses Sympathy System, which is the player’s means to progress with the story, “…to manipulate the story based purely upon emotion”.

The Kickstarter aims to raise 135,000 USD and it’s currently at 38% with 17 days and 13 hours to go. The game is fully-voiced, all-ages (it’s rated for 15 and above in Japan) and is also ☆currently☆ on Steam Greenlight. You can also read the game’s background at their Kickstarter page.

In Japan, Root Double’s Xbox 360 and Xtend edition (PS3 and later Vita) were given a score of 32/40 and 33/40 respectively by Famitsu. The Xtend edition is enshrined into Famitsu’s Gold Hall of Fame.

I’d really want to see this game localised. Their projected release date is March and not long to come which is a good thing, we don’t have to wait long (laughs). The tiers at the time of writing has digital and physical copies as well as extras limited to Kickstarter backers. So, if you know anyone who would enjoy a science fiction mystery and suspense visual novel, tell them about Root Double!

Check out the game opening sequence (in English!) with Double Bible, sung by Aira Yuuki.

And here’s a tweet from a translator who did Steins:Gate and Root Double!