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Unboxing: Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2 (Windows and PlayStation 2 Premium Box)

Just something I mentioned on the Neoromance Discord and wanted to share because I haven’t done this in a long time.

The unboxing photos of Koei’s Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2’s Windows (regular edition) and Playstation 2 (Premium Box) are right after the cut!

Side by side comparison of both releases

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Music CDs

(unboxing) Nojima Kenji – Between the lines + concept book

I have to thank my friend, Tatsuru-san on Twitter for helping me get this. This entry is dedicated to you. Thank you so, so much!!


Background story: It was approaching the pre-order deadline for the set (you get an autographed voice CD), about three days until it cuts off and I was using a (now former) deputy service that I had liked. I submitted the item to them and it wasn’t until a few hiccups later that they mentioned they don’t carry out transactions over the weekends. Okay, bummer.

Around 24 hours left to the cutoff, Tatsuru-san came to the rescue!! She also helped my twin getting her copy of DKHi!’s ‘Throw it all away’ single. Both had been such a balm to the soul after the Brexit fiasco.

The bubble-wrap, in the tradition of Nojiken-san’s self-produced CDs, are heart-shaped and (drumroll)

Pink in colour!!!


It’s so adorable and the sticker is such a nice touch! There’s a postcard included (too bad no flyers this time, I guess it’s probably because the release lives were before the release www).

Now, I also bought Nojiken-san’s 2nd concept book for Between the lines and the Nojima brothers’ NojiNoji CD (an abbreviation I made up xD) which also features Left or Right, a track originally from ItsuBoku which had Nojinii-san together!! But that would be for later ;3


The concept book has a different feel and more, according to Asera, philosophical in nature. There are two sections of Dear Kenji from the lyricist, Matsui Gorou and photographer, Oizumi Mika-san :3

The rest are photos, close-ups with text floating about (www)


I have listened to all the tracks and so far, my current favourite is Loop on the street. It gave me a Ristorante Paradiso-feel as though we’re wandering in the streets of Rome xD (it’s probably how the violin sounded too)

The voice CD that came with those who pre-ordered is a part-situation CD(?) and tracks containing his own message as well as an exchange between himself and the sound producer, Fujiya Ichirou-san. Can’t wait to read the concept book and see how it goes with the CD (≧▽≦)

All in all, I would not have none of this without Tatsuru-san.

Thank you so much Tatsuru-san!!!! (≧▽≦) ♡


Asera has also ordered Ochikubo, Tendou-ke and KimiNado’s 2nd volumes (what a coincidence!), first issue of LisOuef (which incidentally, has a column by Nojiken featuring Nojinii as a guest ~~~! ♡ AND an interview with the Stride cast and R・O・N :DD) and also Maeno-san’s Voice NEWTYPE. It’ll probably come in August, if we’re in luck.

(Seems like we ARE in luck. The order’s coming in a few days!!!!!!!!)

For Nojiken’s self-produced CDs, I mentioned on Twitter that Nojimarket has opened an Amazon store. Both stores are currently having a 25% discount for their New Year Countdown merchandise. (Note: They won’t be restocking the NojiNoji CD on their Amazon store though. It is however still available at their webstore.)

Music CDs

(unboxing) Nojima Kenji (野島健児) – Itsuka Dokoka no Boku ni Tsuite (いつかどこかの僕について)


Itsuka Deau Boku ni Tsuite, the album concept book (left) and Itsuka Dokoka no Boku ni Tsuite (right).

Nojima Kenji’s self-produced album and album concept book 😀 It finally came by the mail!!

The preorder extras weren’t photographed but it included an autographed postcard and another grayscale postcard with 2 flyers promoting the album and live talk event. At his request, the bubble wrap had been heart-shaped instead of the usual round ones xD

I’ve listened to the album and flipped through the concept book; both are really nice and the album’s booklet is like a picture book, with the quality of the paper, making it sturdy.

The CD has 8 tracks and is around 30 minutes long, which in my opinion, isn’t too long nor short. The speaking tracks are enjoyable while the songs make me smile //W///

Looking forward to read Itsuka Deau Boku ni Tsuite x3


1. K no Shihen
2. No border
3. Left or Right
4. Kuusou Koufuku’ron
5. Izure, Arifureta Nichijyou
6. Demo Soba ni Kimi ga iru
7. Sono Te ni Kaeru hi
8. Fukai Mori

The ItsuBoku set consist of the album concept book and the CD for 3,500 yen (taxes included). The book and CD cost 1,500 yen and 2,700 yen separately (taxes included). You can buy them here but if you live overseas, you’ll need a proxy.


(unboxing) Hata Akimi (畑亜希美) – Nidome no Koi wa Usotsuki (2度目の恋は嘘つき)

Volumes 1 to 4, I’m missing the last volume.

It finally reached me \w/ It took way longer than I expected through SAL shipping and the troubles it caused >A<

This series was one series that I have been waiting to read for a long time. (Note: It’s a josei manga, serialised in Shogakukan’s Petit Comic.) I bought this off Amazon Japan and for some reason, I ngelected to check the item description and only has 4 volumes instead of a complete set.

Contemplating to buy the last volume off LINE Manga. Will feel lonely without a hard copy but the economy that comes with it! Don’t need to struggle with my already bursting bookshelf /o/

Her new titles after Nidome no Koi wa Usotsuki are Ijiwaru Syrup and a serialisation called Kata’omoi Shoten (かたおもい書店) that just started in Petit Comic’s 4th issue this year. It’s about a new employee who finds herself in-charge of the comic section of a major bookstore and a charismatic bookstore assistant (書店男子) that manages the sales floor. The illustration looks lovely, can’t wait to see the compiled volume 🙂

Buy links

BookWalker Japan

Nidome no Koi wa Usotsuki (series)

Kataomoi Shoten (series)

Her new series, 30-kin which was adapted into a TV drama!

Music CDs

3 Majesty’s Royal Trinity (unboxing)


(top-bottom, Neowing/CDJapan shop tokuten, CD and the first-pressing card that includes a code for an in-game item alternative jacket that came with the first pressing of the releases)

I finally got my 3 Majesty CD!!! I was at work when it came but my family wasn’t able to receive it so only got it this morning! (squeals)

Everything is so gorgeous >///< I really like the illustration card that comes with the code for the in-game item, the guys in action (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆

This copy I bought was the regular edition \^O^/ With the first-pressing limiteds, I feel as though I bought the limited edition (・ω<)☆

I think my lack of sleep is kicking in… so long for now!