Hakushaku to Yousei (伯爵と妖精) light novels get a digital release!

Not a review post but to mention that the popular series by Tani Mizue is finally released digitally across various Japanese ebook retailers!!

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Kisetsu’hazure no Higasa from Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu

Was a little disappointed that this chapter wasn’t adapted for the manga but felt that this chapter was important, in its own way. Not a summary, just some highlights and excerpts.


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I’m really sorry ┃電柱┃_・)ジー

Settled a long string of thoughts and matters, and now a few days away from a new semester! Let’s fortify ourselves with a cup of good juice! 😀

During the hiatus, I manage to get my hands on some light novels that my friends at Twitter recommended me and I bought three titles! They were Nigana‘s Ijiwaru Koushaku no Yuuga na Takurami (いじわる公爵の優雅なたくらみ), Himeno Yuri‘s Gin no Ouji to Kohaku no Hime (銀の王子と琥珀の姫) and Mizuyama Itsuki‘s Nemurenai Akuma to Torikago no Uta-hime (眠れない悪魔と鳥籠の歌姫). The first two are josei and the last, a shoujo. :3

To get a feel on what shoujo and josei light novels are about, please check Kure-chan’s WP! (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆

Besides novels, I’ve got really excited when I played Eternal Lord -Jo’ou no Koibito- by SHALL. It’s a doujin (and a free) otome game! The characters were very refreshing and wonderful! The protagonist in particularly, Fiana (first name changeable) stands out so much with her baa-chan way of speaking o(>▽<o)(o>▽<)oキャハハ She’s only twenty and speaks like that already?! (laughing in a corner) The character route I’m finished with, Gail, is just, omg, I’m still not willing to play another character (gushing)

Music-wise, Yuuki Aira has a new song for Mobile Suit Gundam Age ~Memory of Eden~, Mirai no Moyou. I haven’t been repeating her songs as of late and only a jazz cover or two but this song is really lovely and I repeat them from time to time. I wonder how’s her ending theme for BlazBlue’s anime would be like >w< On the other hand, Fujita Maiko would appear at Anisama Live today and her free live at Nippon Budoukan has been decided! There would be a venue-limited CD from Maiko-san and she would soon announce what would the contents be :3

An~~d, Omoide no Toki wo Shuurishimasu’s compiled volume would go on sale this September 25th! CDJapan and AmazonJP has listed them :3 And a newsbit that took me by surprise, I found a listing of the novel’s continuation , with the additional subtitle, Ashita/Asu wo Ugokasu Haguruma (明日を動かす歯車) at AmazonJP for with a release date on September 20th. Wonderful news!! Wonder which vendor to order from ლ(´﹏`ლ)

That’s all from me! See you next time :3 v


Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu (思い出のとき修理します) by Tani Mizue (谷瑞恵)

I wasn’t sure whether I would finish writing this (Has a great deal of drafts but not much entries, laughs) and my previous entry signed off with a lovely weekend either… but here’s my take on Tani-sensei’s novel, Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu.

Could memories ever be repaired…?

Tired of her work and love, Akari has moved to the town where she spent a little time of her life there. At the corner of the desolate shopping district, she meets the owner of a watch store that had a strange plate on the display window. With this, Akari starts her new life…

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