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Kokorogawari on Steam Greenlight

Kokorogawari (meaning (a) change of heart in Japanese) is Team Precatio’s first game about romance and human drama. It’s currently on Steam Greenlight and needs help being greenlit!

The game features Asami Kobayashi, in present-day Japan who is a 4th-year university student, raised by a single mother. Asami has a cynical view on love and marriage and currently interns at Edo Publishing. Would her views ever change?

Kokorogawari had a very successful Kickstarter and still accepts pre-orders (demo available) at for regular and deluxe editions!

While it’s full-priced at 25 USD and 35 USD for respective editions, they are still offering pre-order discounts at!

The game can run on Windows, Mac as well as Linux. There is a 2-chapter demo available on all three platforms. Samples of their soundtrack can be heard on SoundCloud.

Don’t forget to upvote them on Steam Greenlight!

Steam Greenlight (demos, pre-orders)
Official blog

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Purrfectly Ever After – demo review

Purrfectly Ever After is an upcoming otome visual novel with Japanese voice-acting, available in both Japanese and English with wonderful graphics! Previously planned for a smartphone and tablet release, Weev announced a PC version on Steam!

Support them at Kickstarter and help upvote it on Steam Greenlight!


The demo is promising. Looking closely at the background and graphics, they have put a lot of work into it and I always appreciate beautiful backgrounds. They are pretty important to set up the atmosphere!

The premise is solid and interesting but the writing needed extra work so they welcomed a writer on board! I’m really impressed that they were quick on rectifying it. I’m really hoping that it’ll be fully funded so we can see how it went!

At the end of my first playthrough, I noticed that it didn’t have a save-load function which meant that I have to start over for different choices. The characters’ facial expressions and sound effects weren’t present, it felt awkward. But these will be remedied in the final release. Sue Anne addressed them here.

Listening to the voices, it’s really good! I’m eyeing Sirius and Cassian because Sirius – voice and I can’t resist the cool, haughty type and Cassian’s story piqued my interest. What is up with that guy and how did he manage to gain so much influence? I’m just jumping with excitement at the thought of it. There are also character interviews that you can listen here and here.

On top of the smartphone and tablet release, Weev announced a PC release and it’s currently on Steam Greenlight. If you like visual novels, be sure to check it out!

If you haven’t, give the game a try by registering for their iOS demo on Testflight. Purrfectly Ever After also could use your support at Thunderclap.

My earlier post of the game can be found here!