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A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) by Liber Entertainment

Finally jumped on the A3! wagon a month ago and it’s been really interesting. You’re basically raising actors (instead of idols) and it’s a good change from all the idol phenomenon.

I added a post about where to stream their songs legally here! – July 11, 2018

I like how the other members that are behind the scenes look like possible main characters and interesting in their own way. Usually, I’d focus on the main members ’cause the rest simply don’t attract my interest /shot

Yukina, a friend of mine called A3! a ‘houchi game’ – where I can just leave it and come back to it after a while. I don’t have to keep grinding at notes (rhythm games lol) and trying to hit the ‘perfect combo’. It’s really chill and I love it.

The story’s pretty interesting and the protagonist, Izumi-chan trained as a stage actor (and probably as a scriptwriter, director too but I’m not sure about that) who came in search of Mankai Company as someone from that theatre troupe sent her father a letter.

Izumi’s father is missing in action and hasn’t been home in years. She found the theatre while someone was attempting to bulldoze it as there’s an overwhelming amount of debt with barely any good performers and audience. Izumi somehow found herself taking the place of director tasked to get a show running in a month, in exchange for the debt being written off. First, she has to get enough members for each troupe based on the four seasons.

Somehow, Izumi found herself taking the place of director tasked to get a show running in a month, in exchange for the debt being written off. First, she has to get enough members for each troupe based on the four seasons.

There’s the prologue and one arc for each seasonal troupe. Each arc spans over 30 chapters. I wonder what happens after Winter when we’ve got to know all the members of each troupe. Will Mankai Company finally return to its former glory?

I love that the game has a really solid story and the gameplay makes you connect with the characters. Really recommend this game☆

The game already released a CD of their theme song featuring the leaders of each troupe. CDs featuring the Spring and Summer troupes will be released and will see a few solo character songs!

Have you been playing A3! and what made you start playing? (*’▽’) (Oh, I started because Yukina told me they’re giving away 300 diamonds to commemorate a certain occasion LMAO)

Download them here



Official website

PSA: Never post the full screenshot of your home menu with your ranking, number of diamonds and the like. Be careful of what you share on various social networking sites. There are people who would take your screenshots and email Liber’s customer service to “regain” access.

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Princess Closet (プリンセス・クローゼット) by Ciagram

Original promotional video of the game, includes voices from the Japanese cast.

Princess Closet is a mobile game now re-released by Ciagram (Interspace) on multiple platforms (iOS, Android) with Opera House, Inc handling the (so far, international) Nintendo Switch release.

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Stand My Heroes (スタンドマイヒーローズ) by coly, inc.

Stand My Heroes is a puzzle-based game with stories (like Yume100) featuring characters from Drug Prince Narcotic Girl (ドラッグ王子とマトリ姫) and more!

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Puzzle-solving escape game: Maji Yami Kanojo ~Real Horror Game~ (謎解き・脱出ゲーム:マヂヤミ彼女 〜リアルホラー系ゲーム〜)

It’s been 30 minutes since the message has been read. What have you been up to? Why didn’t you reply? I’ve waited for you. I understand if you’re busy. You have been all work lately. What is more important, me or your work?

Why haven’t you contact me? Why is it? Are you listening at all? Why haven’t you reply me?

I have a lot of things that I want to know and tell you. Don’t you get it? I don’t care if it’s right or not. Don’t smile to anyone else but me. Just look at me. I’m tired. Wanting to cry and wanting to die.

If you don’t come for me, I’ll be gone. Don’t leave me alone. I want to see you, right here and now. You don’t understand any of my feelings, at all. It’s just me who feels bitterness and pain.

I’m such a fool to say that I’ll die if we part ways when I can’t. I just want to think that whatever blood I shed, I can do it for your sake. You’ve told me that you’ll be with me, right? You’ve said it, remember? That we’ll be together.

I want you to say that ‘You’re the only one’. Together forever, isn’t it? That’s for sure.

Why are you saying such things? Why wouldn’t you believe me?
Even when we die, I want us to be together. If I die, you’ll cry for me, won’t you?

It’s better for you if I’m gone in an instant, right? After we break up, you will be smiling at someone else and I will never forgive that.

Don’t break up with me and just stay by my side. I am living because you are with me.

You don’t love me anymore?
Then what should I believe in now?

I’m sorry, sorry, sorry.

You don’t have to do anything, really.

I just want to die, die, die…

No one understands me. I really want to cry. But in truth, I just wish to smile with all my heart.

Have I smiled well enough, I wonder?

translated from the original iTunes’ app description

photo 1

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Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ (TokiRes) by Konami Digital Entertainment

‘World peace starts from the dining table’.  – Shibuya Miko

I totally agree with it so please don’t bring fights to the dining table or I’ll kick you out personally xD

Tokimeki Restaurant is a smartphone game by Konami Digital Entertainment for iOS and Android. It combines two aspects, love simulation and running a restaurant. I reckon that it’s on the same setting as the Tokimeki Memorial series and our protagonist meet two idol groups, 3 Majesty and X.I.P. who are creating a stir at Habataki City. Continue reading “Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ (TokiRes) by Konami Digital Entertainment”