Oil pastels are really nice

It’s really long since I posted, sorry about that ><

I’ve drawn something last week and it was a crazy week. I started it, probably on Tuesday night and went back to it, finished it on Saturday :3

Here is it, my sister dubbed it ‘the Vincent van Gogh-feel’ of my artwork.

They are in oil pastels and I have not used it for a while now : )

and here’s a doodle, it’s also my current userpic for my laptop xD

That’s all from me. I doubt that people want to listen my rambles on what’s going on in my life :3

Have a nice day( ´・‿-) ~ ♥


Another go! One more new illustration

Here’s the new illustration!==>Image0065

I wanted to make this a shy new student set in a university but I didn’t know how it became a ‘red carpet’ thing but it is still unfinished yet so I need to correct the pose and the background(?).

Ahh, it’s so awkward posting unfinished work D: But please enjoy 🙂

New illustration!

I drew this today during my History test. I wanted to draw something close to Fullmetal Alchemist’s Olivier Mila Armstrong.

When I first saw her in the opening sequence of the 3rd (or 4th) opening theme song, I said “I want to be like her!”.

(I sound so much like a kid XD)

She’s beautiful and doesn’t need a man beside to get things done. Not to mention stronger than a man too ;D She holds on to her principles and she’s the type of woman that I want to be.

But I ended up with this.

I sound rather ungrateful but I’m happy I drew this. It never crossed me that I will draw something this beautiful ToT

Image0062<== Here’s the preview photo from my phone

I will continue my hard work as a person of art so please keep on supporting me (bows)

Note: A few photos that I took from my Cameron Highlands trip will be also be up within the next few posts.