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Where to buy digital drama CDs

Last updated: November 16, 2021

Here’s a guide to where to buy and support drama CD releases! You can bookmark by Ctrl+D; Command+D or star/bookmark icon on your favourite browser 😀

Many hours of research have gone into this guide and feel free to share the post with your friends, tip me on Ko-fi or with BAT on my Twitter!

Everything can be found after the cut 🙂

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2013 – Looking back

I started this blog early this year but only churned out my first otome content post, Byakkotai – Shishi Ibunki in April . Other games followed but consist mostly titles on smartphone (Machi de Uwasa no Hakusama-sama was an exception).

There was an unboxing post for MoteHapi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru~, a drama CD released by Macaron Alacarte. (no review of the CD yet ;;)

They have also announced a new game called Gokujou☆Sweet Roommate ~Kiss yori Amai Shirabe~ for smartphones. The illustrator from MoteHapi, Yukikana will provide character designs for the game.

This year, I also made my first novel review, Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu, written by Tani Mizue.  She is widely known for her Hakushaku to Yousei and Majo no Kekkon series. I also manage to read one of HakuYou’s short story compilations and the bottom line is

I love her writing! +。:.゚٩(๑>◡<๑)۶:.。+゚

Among other things, there was a crowd-funding effort to publish the second volume of Stories from 311. The project managed to raise 3 million yen (their minimum goal was 2 million yen) and we might be seeing both volumes in English!

On other matters, Maiko-san held a free live performance at the Nippon Budoukan with just her vocals and a grand piano.

Two new songs were performed but only Inokashira-sen (井の頭線*) was included in the Budoukan-limited CD. The other new song, Tsubomi is slated for release in the coming spring but no definite details yet.
*The Inokashira Line is a private line that connects Shibuya, Tokyo to Kichijouji in Musashino City.

I have something ready for the blog to celebrate New Years’ Eve!


This year felt like there were more downs than there were ups but my otome life continues! (*´∇`*)

Take care and Happy New Year! ♥


Drama CDs

(unboxing) MoteHapi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru~ (モテハピ~ココロtoカラダ満ちてくる~)

BJV3O4KCcAA_kvV.jpg large(from left to right, the character name card, the tokuten CD and the main story)

MoteHapi is the first situational drama CD released by Macaron Alacarte featuring guys who are trying to court your affections after the horoscope on TV said you’re in for a super lucky day☆ Your moteki (モテ期; the time in life where you’ll be popular among the guys, in this case www) is happening and goodness, everyone you see (even on the train!) are coming after you! Continue reading “(unboxing) MoteHapi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru~ (モテハピ~ココロtoカラダ満ちてくる~)”