Updates for Dormitory Love spring+summer

It’s been a long time since an update but there are several things ongoing with the game.

Update! The JP remake now has a demo covering the prologue. Brand new UI, shiny sprites and even fully-voiced (including the MC)!

Send in your comments to Mirin-san on Twitter (@Mirin36) 😀 Find the demo here.

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DormLove spring+summer update #04 – Sasha snippets + lack of updates

This post has been inspired by Mirin-san’s recent blog entry about Lasse, who is from Sweden and also the new character in autumn+winter. (You can catch a glimpse of him in between the seasons!)

If I had a choice of who I’m destined to be, Sasha Lebedev is the one for me wwww My bias, my everything~~! (laughs)

I don’t think my otome gaming years would be the same without him (* ̄∇ ̄*)♡

So today’s reveal would be a small part from a certain scene in Sasha’s route! It’s a spoiler for Sasha’s route but it’s kind of a sweet scene so I couldn’t help myself! /bricked

Enjoy! ♡

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Dormitory Love spring+summer: update #1.5

It’s not exactly the first update but a more meatier version of it. (ファイト、自分!!)

I have finished transcribing one of six character routes, Sasha’s route to be exact and also the common events. The translation will be done as I go but this will only be a draft. (I wish I’m better at creative writing /kicked)

The extra stories, completion bonus (basically everything else that aren’t the character routes) and the ‘Introduction’ where the characters give you a walkthrough of the game and its functions, etc are yet to be transcribed.

The reason why I have to transcribe it (or simply, typing it out as I run the game) is because Mirin-san doesn’t have a copy of the game’s scenario without the code and if I don’t have any typed out text to work with, it’s really difficult to keep things running.

But I’m really happy to have one character route and all the common events nailed down. I’ve taken a really long time to get it going and me along with the creator, Mirin-san hope to see this game entirely in English.

spring+summer is only the first of the many troubles adventures that Jun-chan or you would face when you have a dormitory full of individualistic guys from different countries >w</

I hope to post a scene from the common events but that’s all from me for now!

If you haven’t check out the trailer, click here!