I laugh, I smile.

I faced a very uncomfortable situation last week before the three-day holiday started. (But, it turned out that it was nothing at all. Oh well, my worries ~)

I started doodling on Paint. Prince William and Catherine’s wedding was on TV but I only watched a part of it and didn’t manage to finish that D:

I started with a set of eyes.. and when I finished the entire thing, I realised that my feelings were brought out (laughs)

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A new start..?

I apologise for my terrible entry titles xD Very boring, I know ><

So.. I finished these two and another extra (a preview, I don’t think I can export it to a .PNG file) on DrawPlus ^-^

Here’s the one that I used DrawPlus for. I had a design for a shitajiki (overlay, a board made of plastic/cardboard for writing) in mind seeing the paper sizes that I can work with in DrawPlus.

The textures that I’ve found are really nice. Looking forward to more fun I’m going to have >w<

Having a stylus is great

My uncle gave me a notebook that came with a stylus. I’m feeling a bit down so I just gave the stylus a bit of work and had some fun with it. I doodled a bit so I want to share it here.

I hope it’ll lighten your day :3

It’s kinda random and doesn’t mean anything in particular so please enjoy them light-heartedly ~

Very amateurish but I’m using Paint. Downloading DrawPlus from Serif. Hope to have some fun with it :DD

Will be posting up two extras that I did from Paint for the next entry.