How to Fool A Liar King on Indiegogo

roseVerTe’s upcoming otome visual novel crowdfunding campaign is now live on Indiegogo!

How to Fool A Liar King is the sequel to How To Take Off Your Mask but is also a standalone story. It stars a catgirl protagonist named Regina, who suddenly finds herself in Eroolia. She then met Juli and his companions when she decided to join them to the country of Laarz, a country of cat people. Will Regina be able to return home? Is there a particular reason why she’s here in Eroolia?

It’ll be fully-voiced in Japanese and available in Japanese, English as well as German.There are a variety of tiers/perks for backers from wallpapers, Indiegogo-exclusive artbook behind the character design, background artworks of the

There are a variety of tiers/perks for backers from wallpapers, Indiegogo-exclusive artbook behind the character design, background artworks of the Eroolia series, the game itself at a special price, DLCs and also the chance to be credited in the game as a patron!

The game has also been successfully Greenlit on Steam! Two character promotional videos featuring Regina and Juli respectively can be found below.

roseVerTe is about $2100 away from their goal so let’s help them get funded!

How to Fool a Liar King Indiegogo

Don’t they sound amazing? I can’t wait for the release (≧∇≦)

So remember to support their crowdfunding campaign!


Stories from 311 and crowdfunding project

As I was poking around the Internet, I came across a crowd-funding project to raise 2 million yen for the second volume of ‘Stories from 311’.

It is a collection of stories from various mangaka about the Touhoku disaster and the first volume featured Hiura Satoru, Ueda Rinko, Higuchi Tachibana, Shinjou Mayu, to name a few.

When the disaster happened, my twin was chatting with her friend over the Internet. We then saw videos on NHK of the tsunami. Keeping up with them on Facebook, hoping they were safe because telecommunication lines were down and electricity were going on and off.

None of our friends were harmed but it made a terrible dent on ourselves. My twin learned of how conditions were after the disaster and personally, I am thankful for the information but at the same time, I’m (jestingly) mortified to see some reports to go unreported in the mainstream press.

The first volume of Stories of 311 was released early this year, on March 11. If the project manage to reach 3 million yen, both volumes will be translated into English.

At the time of writing, the project has reached 98% of its goal of 2 million with 21 days left. Keep on going guys \^o^/

The project has reach 2 million with an additional 300,000 yen. I hope it reaches the 3 million mark! (added December 4, 2013:)

51BaP+lfn+L._SS500_ (C) Kodansha/Story 311 Production Committee Cover illustration of the first volume.
Story311’s Twitter
Official website

Here are the participating mangaka for the project. Family name first then first name.

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