2013 – Looking back

I started this blog early this year but only churned out my first otome content post, Byakkotai – Shishi Ibunki in April . Other games followed but consist mostly titles on smartphone (Machi de Uwasa no Hakusama-sama was an exception).

There was an unboxing post for MoteHapi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru~, a drama CD released by Macaron Alacarte. (no review of the CD yet ;;)

They have also announced a new game called Gokujou☆Sweet Roommate ~Kiss yori Amai Shirabe~ for smartphones. The illustrator from MoteHapi, Yukikana will provide character designs for the game.

This year, I also made my first novel review, Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu, written by Tani Mizue.  She is widely known for her Hakushaku to Yousei and Majo no Kekkon series. I also manage to read one of HakuYou’s short story compilations and the bottom line is

I love her writing! +。:.゚٩(๑>◡<๑)۶:.。+゚

Among other things, there was a crowd-funding effort to publish the second volume of Stories from 311. The project managed to raise 3 million yen (their minimum goal was 2 million yen) and we might be seeing both volumes in English!

On other matters, Maiko-san held a free live performance at the Nippon Budoukan with just her vocals and a grand piano.

Two new songs were performed but only Inokashira-sen (井の頭線*) was included in the Budoukan-limited CD. The other new song, Tsubomi is slated for release in the coming spring but no definite details yet.
*The Inokashira Line is a private line that connects Shibuya, Tokyo to Kichijouji in Musashino City.

I have something ready for the blog to celebrate New Years’ Eve!


This year felt like there were more downs than there were ups but my otome life continues! (*´∇`*)

Take care and Happy New Year! ♥


Fujita Maiko · Translations

Fujita Maiko (藤田麻衣子) – Mamoritai Hito (守りたい人)

A revelation for me, this song isn’t tied to the Hiiro no Kakera games /W\

First released with her second album, Futari no Kare, live version (both video and audio) of Mamoritai Hito can be found in her first best-of album, Hiiro no Kakera Best (DVD) and third album, Sawatte (Amazon limited edition, CD).

Written and composed by Maiko-san herself with arrangement by Tokinori Kouichirou.

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