Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大輔) – with YOU

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(Fujita Maiko) Ustream live talk & performance, piano score release

Maiko-san would be having another Ustream live on April 3 starting from 9pm (JST). The programme’s name, ‘ライブツアー2013~高鳴る~間近!!わがままいこのそれって、あるー!!ユーストリームで高鳴る生放送!!’ (Live Tour 2013 ~Takanaru~ happening soon! The Willful Maiko’s I Had That Before–!!) Wagamamaiko is a play on her name and wagamama (laughs)
It usually lasts around 30 minutes where she read out the letters from fans and perform two of her songs live.

This week’s episode was on March 27 and viewers could sing along with her Ashita mo Waraou, joining in her chorus by typing la lala♪ on the chat or social stream : D The other song was Anata ga Watashi no Hoho wo Fureru Toki, at one point going without the piano. I heard this in her live DVD and again on the programme. The sound for the song was beautiful even without the backing vocals(?) when the song starts. You could send your messages or fanmail to info☆fujitamaiko.com (please change the ☆ to @)

She had also earlier announced the commercial release of her piano scores featuring 13 songs chosen from her debut release to Nee.
Currently, it’s only available on Amazon Japan for 2,500yen with a release date for April 15.

  1. Koi ni Ochite
  2. Kono Shiroi Yuki to
  3. Yokogao ~Watashi no Shiranai Sakura~
  4. Unmei no Hito
  5. Futari no Kare
  6. Anata ha Shiawase ni Naru
  7. Kimi ga Yobu no Nara
  8. Anata wo Suki ni Natte
  9. Shunkan
  10. Naitemo Naitemo
  11. Nee
  12. Sotsugyou

On a separate note, Maiko-san has also wrote a song for Hirakawa-san called propose ~last night~ which would be released in his second single, Identity-. It would release on April 13. She also did the chorus work for both songs that she wrote for Hirakawa-san’s Identity singles.

Please let me meet him I want to see you now

from Fujita Maiko – Anata ga Watashi no Hoho wo Fureru Toki