First Love Story (Hatsukoi Signal・初恋シグナル) from favary

(This is an ongoing post and will be updated as I play.)

The two characters meet in their 2nd year of high school…
The beginning of their “First Love Story”.

❤︎ A love that blooms slowly but surely …
❤︎ A love that began from a lie…
❤︎ A love where both are unwilling to stay friends…
❤︎ A love that is reciprocal and complimentary on both sides…

Love can come in many forms.
What will happen to their First Love story?
Enjoy the different kinds of love, all in a single app.

Get the game at Play Store (Android)App Store (iOS)
Social media: FacebookInstagramWebsite

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Princess Closet Reo Kamiyoshi 2017 Birthday Project

I’ve been asked by Nanami-sama, an active Princess Closet fan from Japan to spread Reo’s 2017 Birthday Project to the English-speaking community (non-English speakers can also forward your messages, it won’t be a problem!).

What you have to do

  1. Tweet your birthday message with the tags,  and/or  at any time between April 12 to April 19, midnight.
  2. The length of your message mustn’t exceed 25 to 30 words.
  3. Please remember to include your (nick)name at the end.

All dates and times are in Japan Standard Time (GMT +9).

Nanami-sama will regularly collect the tagged tweets during that time period. The messages will then be printed and collected in a scrapbook. Photos of the scrapbook will be posted on Nanami-sama’s Twitter account and blog after it’s been received by Ciagram.

If you know friends who play Princess Closet, tell them to join in and celebrate Reo’s birthday together! Help spread the word! ✨

Here‘s Nanami-sama’s blog post about Reo’s 2017 birthday project.

If there’s any questions, leave a comment and I’ll ask Nanami-sama 🙂

Princess Closet (プリンセス・クローゼット) by more games

This post was originally written for the Ameba release by more games which was later available on iOS and Tsutaya. It all eventually closed by December 2015.

(I emailed Ciagram and got a reply confirming that the other character routes will be released in the international release of the game – February 21, 2017)

(Shuu Tachibana’s route has been released on both iOS and Android! – April 27, 2017)

(There’s a fan birthday project starting April 12 for Reo’s birthday, read this post for more info!)

(Kai Ayasaki’s route now available on Android with iOS release to be very soon! Info about his fan birthday project here! – July 13, 2017)

Princess Closet was later re-released by Ciagram, a domestic arm of more game’s parent company, Interspace. The game’s simulation/grinding elements were removed and made entirely free to play/read with story tickets that are given for daily logins.

The protagonist (you) is a regular office lady who was looking forward to her trip to the beauty salon and upon your arrival, you find it closed despite your appointment with them. Then someone approached you, Kamiyoshi Reo, the designer for the up-and-coming fashion label, Princess Closet who is looking for a model that people could relate to for the upcoming photo shoot.

When Reo brought you to the atelier, the studio where the Princess Closet team works, he introduces you to the rest of the members.

Tachibana Shuu is the producer of Princess Closet who handles the business side of the fashion label as well as being the head of Ilias (the Japan branch of a famous and international modeling agency).

Ayasaki Kai is the hair and makeup artist who is known for his spectacular work for various stars (iirc www). Kai is really knowledgeable about hair and skin care and would often advise you.

Shinonome Akito is a landscape photographer who got dragged into Princess Closet by Reo. He doesn’t do photo shoots and is reluctant about it but he does his work very well.

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Limited-time only: Dormitory Love official pin badges

Mirin-san has put up a set of badges and will feature all seven male characters with a few extras included ;3


The badges will be approximately 44mm in size, full-colour and will include two postcards and a special extra story! The extra story will available for download with a license key provided. Aren’t the badges cute!! ✌(‘ω’✌ )三✌(‘ω’)✌三( ✌’ω’)✌

It costs 2500yen (tax included) and orders are accepted until September 25th! The first 8 orders will receive a special hand-drawn sketch (randomly chosen from 8 characters, including the heroine, Jun-chan)!! Find them at the Hase im Haus Game Shop!

The set’s price has included shipping within Japan while international shipping will depend on your country. It’ll be shipped from Germany and paid separately from the item.

In the meantime, check the sample images of the extras and funny ‘how to order’ flowchart(?!) here!

P.S. Have you tried our translated demo? You can now see how the characters interact with each other(人´∀`*)

DormLove spring+summer update #04 – Sasha snippets + lack of updates

This post has been inspired by Mirin-san’s recent blog entry about Lasse, who is from Sweden and also the new character in autumn+winter. (You can catch a glimpse of him in between the seasons!)

If I had a choice of who I’m destined to be, Sasha Lebedev is the one for me wwww My bias, my everything~~! (laughs)

I don’t think my otome gaming years would be the same without him (* ̄∇ ̄*)♡

So today’s reveal would be a small part from a certain scene in Sasha’s route! It’s a spoiler for Sasha’s route but it’s kind of a sweet scene so I couldn’t help myself! /bricked

Enjoy! ♡

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Crimson_Roots by COCOON

When I woke up, I found myself sleeping in a room that I have not seen before.
I wonder why I am here.
–No, I don’t even know who I am.

My eyes met a young man sitting by my bedside.
He tells me that he is a childhood friend of mine.
I can’t decide the truth of his words but to grasp the situation I am in, I chose to believe when they told me,

“You are a magician.”

They told me about Regetonne, a place of research as well as an institution that encourages the study of magic.
And that I am trained to be the next leader of Regetonne.
They also told me I am the reincarnation of a great magician…

– Original text (C) Hachiiro Inko / Translation is my own.


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Dormitory Love spring+summer: Update #03 + Snippet

Yayyy, finally another update for DormLove!

Since my last update, Mirin-san manage to extract the game’s text from the coding and voila, the text is all ready for me to wave my magic on!

The draft for the common events is almost done. The remaining are the ones during the hot spring as well as a few lines here and there. I haven’t made a dent with the character routes but hope to successfully incorporate my current working file with my previous draft. 何をやってもバラバラだ、あたし。。。ヘ(。□°)ヘ

And newsflash! Mirin-san has finished the Nscripter version of DormLove’s between the seasons!!! The submission to Vector is currently pending and won’t be long until it’s released. You can find it here.

between the seasons feature stories that happened in between spring+summer and autumn+winter‘s timeline and has side characters that appeared in the stand-alone games whom you can have an ending with!

Each route’s length is shorter than the main storyline and won’t take long to finish. But it’s still a side story and companion for the first two games so make sure you have at least played spring+summer.

As a treat, I’m gonna leave another snippet. It hasn’t been checked for errors but it’s after the cut. Enjoy♡

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Purrfectly Ever After – demo review

Purrfectly Ever After is an upcoming otome visual novel with Japanese voice-acting, available in both Japanese and English with wonderful graphics! Previously planned for a smartphone and tablet release, Weev announced a PC version on Steam!

Support them at Kickstarter and help upvote it on Steam Greenlight!


The demo is promising. Looking closely at the background and graphics, they have put a lot of work into it and I always appreciate beautiful backgrounds. They are pretty important to set up the atmosphere!

The premise is solid and interesting but the writing needed extra work so they welcomed a writer on board! I’m really impressed that they were quick on rectifying it. I’m really hoping that it’ll be fully funded so we can see how it went!

At the end of my first playthrough, I noticed that it didn’t have a save-load function which meant that I have to start over for different choices. The characters’ facial expressions and sound effects weren’t present, it felt awkward. But these will be remedied in the final release. Sue Anne addressed them here.

Listening to the voices, it’s really good! I’m eyeing Sirius and Cassian because Sirius – voice and I can’t resist the cool, haughty type and Cassian’s story piqued my interest. What is up with that guy and how did he manage to gain so much influence? I’m just jumping with excitement at the thought of it. There are also character interviews that you can listen here and here.

On top of the smartphone and tablet release, Weev announced a PC release and it’s currently on Steam Greenlight. If you like visual novels, be sure to check it out!

If you haven’t, give the game a try by registering for their iOS demo on Testflight. Purrfectly Ever After also could use your support at Thunderclap.

My earlier post of the game can be found here!

Gunjou no Yuki (trial review; 群青ノ雪 体験版) by Stellatica

Gunjou no Yuki (群青ノ雪) is an upcoming otome game by Stellatica where Takigawa Nanase, a regular highschooler who was cleaning the storehouse at her home timeslip into the Taishou era when she opened an old diary.

When strange men lingering somewhere unsavoury caught sight of her, she tried to outrun them only to meet Takami Touma, a young man passing through. Touma, along with his companion, Fujima Kounosuke saved her from the men and took her to their home.

As Nanase has nowhere to go, Touma kindly offered her shelter (and later, work as a servant) with the Takami family. But fate had dealt her an awful card…

“Would you be saved if I change the past? Or would it be…?”


I played the trial version when it came out… last year? It’s completely voiced (except the protagonist, Nanase-chan but you can hear her in the PV ;3) and has a very exciting premise filled with mystery and suspense which I can’t wait to find out.

The ending for the trial version had been a fixed ending but in the full release, it would have the player go through it a second time and the story would branch out from there (according to this tweet).

Nanase’s seiyuu, who also voiced Kayo, one of the Takami family’s servant and later friend, is really talented! She did all sorts of voices for the female characters and if the writer hadn’t mentioned, I don’t think I’d have noticed they were voiced by the same people.

The game would be available in 2 forms, a freeware and packaged version. The freeware would have route restrictions. The packaged version (price currently unavailable) will contain the entire story.

It’ll be released soon (no date yet) but they have tweeted that pre-orders would start when the game approaches their release date.

One phrase: I can’t wait!!