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Merchandise from Dolly Collection

maminoir, creator of Dolly Collection and former lead designer of Poupee Girl has opened a BOOTH store!

And what’s for sale? Stickers featuring items and dolls from the iOS dress-up app!

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Dolly Collection (ドリーコレクション)

Dolly Collection was a dress-up game on iOS by two former members of Poupee Girl development team, the lead designer (@maminoir) and the developer, Okawa Hitoshi.

I stumbled upon the game when I was looking through my recommended follows on Instagram. As a fan of the now defunct Poupee Girl, this was spectacular news.

The app only had a simple function, dressing up your doll or even buy additional dolls and clothing, accessories to play with. You could share images of your doll on various social networking sites.

Picrew is the only place where you can experience Dolly Collection as of June 2020. Images made using Picrew are limited to personal use only.

You can check out merchandise of Dolly Collection on the creator’s pixiv BOOTH and read more about it here.

Social media hashtags include #dollycollection or even ドリコレ by fans on Twitter or Instagram.

When iOS 13 rolled out, the creator decided to shut down the app. They thank everyone for playing and plans to continue Dolly Collection in other ways. (Original tweet)