Dormitory Love spring+summer translation project

Dormitory Love spring+summer (アル管理人の恋, in Japanese) is the first game released by Mirin-san as Hase im Haus. 

Jun Minase (default name, customisable) is suddenly in charge of Shirakaba House, a dormitory full of foreign exchange students after the former manager is unable to resume his duties.

How would all these foreign exchange students manage with each other under one roof? Would there ever be peaceful days for Jun?

Japanese release now available for download!

It’s free and fully-voiced, has six different love interests (male), main character/protagonist is female. Loads of goodies in store for you!

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(Names in Western order.)
Jun Minase (水瀬 じゅん)
20 years old. Japanese.
Jun is a university student who is often mistaken as a middle-schooler because of her child-like looks. She’s very reliable and takes good care of those under her but at times, Jun might be slow on the uptake.

Felix Scheider
23 years old. German.
An excellent and outstanding person in both literary and military arts. Whatever he does, he can do it perfectly, earning the trust from everyone around him. As he is often entrusted the role of caring for others, he gains much trouble from it too.

Guillaume Dubois
17 years old. French.
Has a habit of cross-dressing and is stubborn. Being smaller-sized than the others, Guillaume is often called a small fry or midget. His cries are like a siren which often bothers everyone in the dormitory.

Joshua Raynolds.
18 years old. American.
Has no other interests but basketball and ero. Simple-minded.
Josh has a sweet tooth like no other in the dormitory and when his sweets run out, withdrawal symptoms kick in.

Ling Wei.
18 years old. Chinese.
Ling doesn’t speak much and when he does, his battery would run out if it goes more than three minutes.
Even though he is only 18 years old, his taste of shows and interests reflect those of a middle-aged man.

Sasha Lebedev.
26 years old. Russian.
The only working adult in the dormitory. He has a carefree nature and sleeps often (and anywhere he likes too!). Sasha likes children very much.

Sean Orwell.
20 years old. British.
Often plays good-for-nothing tricks on everyone in the dormitory. He is cynical, disagreeable (sarcastic) and a brute as well. An otaku.

(C) Hase im Haus, English text by Amaya (aheadofthenight).


The game starts off with a prologue followed by choosing a character route. Multiple choices will lead to a good or bad ending.

There are seasonal events where members of the dormitory would interact with each other.


Genre: Otome game
Rating: For 16 and up. (There will be some conversations that will be considered unsuitable for those under 16.)
Price: Free
OS: Windows
Game engine: TyranoScript
Voices: Fully-voiced, including the heroine
Number of playable characters: 6
Number of CGs: 100+.


Follow the latest updates on Tumblr!

Mirin-san’s website

Art tag on Pixiv

Fan-written short stories on Pixiv by Cyn-san (Japanese)
Cyn-san have also translated/written a number of the short stories in English!

Amaya’s Ko-Fi


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