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Open for JtoE Commissions!

I’m available for Japanese to English translation commissions or if you prefer, a Ko-Fi in exchange for a quick TV-size song translation as well 🙂

Technical or legal documents as well as NSFW content will not be accepted. I also reserve the right to refuse.

Samples of my work

You can choose whether the finished commission can be made public on my blog or in other cases, private for your own reading pleasure.

If you’re interested, please fill out this form or email me at aheadofthenight(at)outlook(dot)com with the content that you like me to translate (as well as any supporting materials, if applicable) and I’ll give you a quote then we’ll proceed from there!

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Sworkit, Feeel and other workout apps

A preface since this might seem off-topic.

Self-improvement has always been on the fringes of my interests and exercising is part of my arsenal to deal with stress. Moderation is key and get on the exercises when you manage to. No pressure.

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I have a Ko-Fi for a while now and figured I’ll be posting

  • yet-to-be-developed ideas over there before I expand them as blog posts
  • Stuff that I’m up to lately

Also a more laid-back way of updates. :’3

Find me on Ko-Fi ✨

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Updates for Dormitory Love spring+summer

It’s been a long time since an update but there are several things ongoing with the game.

Update! The JP remake now has a demo covering the prologue. Brand new UI, shiny sprites and even fully-voiced (including the MC)!

Send in your comments to Mirin-san on Twitter (@Mirin36) 😀 Find the demo here.

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Recently using: focus@will

focus@will basically features scientifically proven music to help you focus and increase your productivity while you work.

If you have trouble concentrating and/or prefer some noise while you work, read on!

photography of woman using laptop
Photo by Christina Morillo on

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