A few doodles ^-^~

Hello there ~ I’m been quite uninspired as of late, the songs on the radio is very tiresome not to mention what things are they singing about..

On to the photos \^o^/



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I got a few photos of my work stashed away in my Facebook album, poor things D:

Finally, curtain call~ starts!

A desert scene or of the Wild West

Ahh, it’s Shiki, lovely Shiki~

A young lady (Italian?) is meeting her boyfriend’s parents.. The sketch of the body is well proportioned compared to my past drawings.

Ichigo—A ballerina in-training, actually drawn to be 4-6 years old but I made changes so she looks around eleven to twelve years old.

I wanted to draw a face filled with horror after watching her parents was murdered but I ended up drawing this young lady, leading her people to a new land of peace and productivity where they can prosper.

Ah, my admiration for this is unbelievable. I couldn’t believe that I drew this. I wanted to copy or re-adapt a sketch I made on a rough piece of paper into my sketch book but it ended with a strong-willed young girl, deciding her future to move along a new path. Strongly influenced by Aki Yoshino’s artwork.

I wanted to draw something for a contest in DeviantArt (in which the sketch on the rough piece of paper was involved…) I made another attempt to draw a warrior or somewhat rank in an online RPG world.

I hope it has the spirit of a warrior.

Last but not least, a little picture of a flower.

Painting #1

Hmm… Paintings. I made this particular piece a while back. I can’t remember exactly when but it was probably about 4 years ago.

I painted this in rage after my father decided something on his own without asking what are my opinions. I remember that I wanted to do a strong tornado with whites and gray colours but I ended up using bright colours which are used in this piece.

I present to you this little piece of art I did a long time ago.

P.S I did feel better after finishing this, in fact, I felt great and content after finishing this painting.

Notes: This painting is painted on a big sized sketch book, the paper is 135gms thick and I used poster colours for this painting.