Liebster Award nomination

Thank you Nessa for nominating me! Nessa reads, watches and plays a wide variety of series, posting reviews and blog about her language-learning experiences so you’re into any of them, check out her blog!

What is a Liebster Award? Well, it’s an award that typically recognizes up and coming bloggers recognizes bloggers, by helping others discover new blogs and facilitate community building.

How does one get it? In order to receive a Liebster Award, you must be nominated by a fellow blogger.

Here are the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
Nominate 11 people and give them 11 different questions to answer.

My answers

Sony, Sega, Microsoft or Nintendo?
Sony. No prior experience with the other two.

Anime or manga?

Games or novels?
Japanese: Games first and novels second.
English: Novels first, games second.

Favourite series?
Favourite (insert blank)-questions always sound like a trick question!! /lies in a puddle
Some series that I like a lot… okay Neoromance’s Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Kin’iro no Corda and Geten no Hana.

Favorite genre?
I like my historicals (Haruka, Geten and etc) but contemporary otome games are lovely too (Glass Heart Princess).

Galge or otoge?
Otome games!

Do you like live action adaptations?
No, not really. I make an exception for Takano Ichigo’s orange and Tanaka Meca’s Omukae Death.

What media made you cry the most so far?

PC, consoles, portables or mobile?
I’d prefer PC but portables or mobiles are best when I don’t feel like facing the computer.

Who’s your bias?
Voices – Maeno Tomoaki, Konishi Katsuyuki, Nojima Kenji, Nojima Hirofumi for instance
Authors – Jo Beverley, Kristen Callihan, Lisa Kleypas, Judith Merkle Riley, Jane Austen

OST or pop music?

❀What’s a long-time series that you still love?
❀Recommend three titles (read, play, anything) that you think people should check out.
❀Any new manga that caught your eye?
❀Story/character troupes that you can’t stand.
❀The game that introduced you to video games?
❀Have you ever bought something simply for the art/music/(fill in blank)?
❀What’s your go-to (fill in blank) when you want to kick-back and relax?
❀Favourite beverages?
❀What are the few things that you like to do?
❀Name any creator/company (writer, musician, anything) that’s on your auto-buy list.
❀A message to your blog readers. (technically not a question but it’s the last so XD)

If you see this, consider yourself nominated! It’s optional by the way 🙂

Have a lovely day!

30 Day Otome Challenge · Meme

30 day otome challenge: Day 3 – Favourite male character.

These sort of questions are di-ffi-cult! W

It’s a tie between lots of male characters. Ahaha.

Original post for the 30 day otome challenge.

Spoilers if you haven’t play Shirahana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~ and Aru Kanri’nin no Koi!

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30 Day Otome Challenge · Meme · Ramblings

30 day otome challenge: Day 2 – First love.

I can’t recall much from my first otome game love www

Spoilers. Please refrain from reading if you haven’t played Aru Kanri’nin no Koi.

Original post for the 30 day otome challenge.

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30 Day Otome Challenge · Games · Meme

30 day otome challenge: Day 1 – First otome game.

First otome game I played.

A Christmas-themed game by Pinklover called Smoke Silver Christmas. When I found this game, my thoughts were ‘The character designs are brilliant and it’s Christmas either, so why not?’

Toono Hitaki, the protagonist has been going out with Hiyama Shin for half a year already. The looming exams during the winter of their third year of high school has strained your relationship with Shin’s irritation.

On the other hand, Shin’s friend Saga Taiki is treating you gently like he always does, unlike Shin. Now Hitaki doesn’t know who she likes anymore.

Summary: (c)Pinklover

The creator notes that it has a serious tone so it’s definitely not a lighthearted game.

I don’t think I finished this game… or maybe I did but forgot the story, haha (/ω\)



First otome game that I fell in love with.

A fantasy game including an impending marriage involving a late-bloomer with life-changing circumstances is ERFOLG’s Moonlight Wedding. Also the earlier work by the creator of Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama. It also featured Satoi’s character designs but the CGs are done by another artist so there are disperancies between the visuals ^^;

Played it the same time I found Smoke Silver Christmas and was comparing which game I could understand better with my meagre amount of Japanese knowledge (*´ω`*)

I remember getting excited and squealing like I never did before, seeing the characters changing expressions while I read the lines, haha. Their facial expressions really adds to my experience playing the game! The protagonist, Leena looks beautiful and I just adore her (>ω<)

My favourite character is the dark blue-haired character called Walter, he is a knight >w< またクールなキャラクターね(笑) Alec, the childhood friend also has a route. And the secret character is a thumbs up too!

I think I managed to fully complete the game thanks to the walkthrough they had on the website.


All these talk about my first otome game makes me want to play it again (≧▽≦) I’ll play once my mountain-load of ‘play-in-progress’ has been tackled (・ω<)☆

That’s all from my Day 1 of the 30 Day Otome Challenge!

Here is the original post for the 30 Day Otome Challenge.