Tendou-ke Monogatari vol.4 cover revealed + signing event with Kawaii Hito

Cover for Tendou-ke Monogatari vol.4 is released and will be available in physical compiled volumes on December 5, 2017! The ebook release will soon follow.

To commemorate the occasion, there will be a signing at Sanseido Bookstore, Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture on December 16, 2017. Further information about the event can be found here (in Japanese).

And thank you for the high volume of hits yesterday! You guys made it the day with the highest views on my blog! ✨✨🎉

Where to buy

Tendou-ke Monogatari vol.4
CDJapan / Amazon Japan / ebookjapan

Tendou-ke Monogatari vol.1-3 at Amazon Japan (limited stock available)


Tendou-ke Monogatari vol.3 by Saitou Ken (天堂家物語 3巻 – 斎藤けん) + AneLaLa one-shot


Finally got around buying the 3rd volume of Tendou-ke and I’m so glad that it came with the obi (the wrap around the book jacket). I like how the black and muted gold colour goes together. The lines used on them are also dialogues from respective volumes.

Spoilers below!

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Changes to new eBookJapan registrations

On September 11, 2017, the eBook Initiative Japan has been incorporated into Yahoo! Group and will now require a Yahoo! Japan ID for new registrations.

Existing accounts are not affected but linking your Yahoo! Japan ID will give you an additional 1% in points when you purchase with your preferred payment method (credit card, etc). This does not apply to purchases made with points.

Since Yahoo! Japan doesn’t have an English version for their interface… I’d thought of making a guide on how to do it, step by step.

I think you should already have a basic grasp of Japanese and the different kana (hiragana, katakana), if not kanji.

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Takane to Hana – thoughts


I noticed Takane to Hana (Takane and Hana, in English) when it began serialising but never got around reading it until… the first volume was free to read. It was absolutely amusing but I didn’t realise how GOOD it was until I took the jump to buy the ebooks with my twin and at the urging of a friend, Eden-san ww

My twin and I sniggered through each panel and scene. Nonomura Hana (16), is a high-schooler who had to replace her elder sister, Yukari (23) in a marriage interview with the heir of Takaba Group, Saibara Takane (26). He starts off the meeting by saying he dislikes women who dress up too much to impress men. Hana usually won’t take this lying down but since she’s in Yukari’s place, she has to hold it in.

Until she snapped, of course.

Hana pulled her wig away, throwing it in Takane’s direction and said, ‘Please don’t worry. I don’t have the slightest interest in the very fiber of your being” and left. Takane, crushed from what she said actually told Hana (through her father) that he’ll be picking her up the next day.

He showed up at her home with a huge bouquet of flowers and taunting Hana with lavish gifts. Takane thought it’ll make her fall to his feet and fawn all over him but sadly for him, that won’t be happening.

She isn’t at all impressed with his wealth (which Takane continues to flaunt until later volumes – this will later be an important and interesting plot point) and Hana can see him for who he is, not what he projects to everyone else. LMAO Anyways, it was Hana who kissed him first. LOL

We later see Hana and Takane’s friends who wonder at their budding relationship of ‘marriage candidates’. They are also an amusing lot and constantly ask Hana how both of them are doing (∀`*ゞ)エヘヘ

I very much recommend this series for the humour and bantering between the characters. If only a Western publisher can pick up the series for an English release :3

Both of us are following the series digitally on eBookJapan with the 8th volume released recently on July 20. The digital release will follow in about three months.

Support the author by buying actual releases in your country or in Japanese!

August 13, 2017: Viz Media has announced an English release for Takane to Hana (as well as another series by Tanaka Meca I’m reading, Kimi no Koto nado Zettai ni)!! Read about it here.

✨Where to buy✨
Hakusensha e-net! (listing)
Hakusensha e-net! feature
Takane to Hana special website
Takane & Hana (French release!)
Official merchandise (requires proxy services)

Takagi Shigeyoshi (高木しげよし) – Itsuka no Haru (いつかの青春(はる))

I haven’t read anything new from Takagi-san since Film Girl so I was super excited when I caught wind of the new compiled volume.

Itsuka no Haru was serialised in Bessatsu Hana to Yume and contains the title story (4 chapters + 1 extra) and a one-shot called Irotoridori no Sekai.


(The following is written probably a year after I read and from memory. Sorry if it’s incorrect anywhere but feel free to point it out!)

The story is set in a hot spring town in Ishikawa Prefecture and Yui is a regular high school student. One morning while she’s preparing for school, there’s a bell at the door for their usual soy sauce delivery.

Yui was surprised to see someone entirely unfamiliar but the man explained himself and left. A little later, she finds that Itsuka will be attending school as well as being in the same class as herself. Itsuka is 25 years old and dropped out of school to help his family’s soy sauce business. He didn’t have the luxury of experiencing a regular high school which is why he’s back now. Yui was told to look out for him and she decided that they should both experience their youth together!

Haru doesn’t fit well among the students who finds him odd. But a few things brought better understanding between them and they warmed to him. With his towering height, he served well in the baseball team but one of the guys were jealous of him which kinda made things a little hard for Haru ^^;

Turns out there’s a link between Yui and Haru back when they’re younger but being a short volume, Yui doesn’t remember |D Instead it’s mentioned in an extra after both of them started seeing each other. Really sweet <33

Irotoridori no Sekai is a one-shot serialising in the same magazine as Itsuka no Haru. It’s about a world where people are colours and has a very black and white view of other colours (people). Marrying colours who are too different from your own (for example, black and white) will either drain you because their colour is too strong.

Certain colours live to a certain age and goes through a ceremony which I assume, they are a sacrifice for. It’s a really interesting one-shot and I hope to see more shoujo manga from Takagi >W<

Buy links
CDJapan Amazon Japan

Tendou-ke Monogatari volume 1 by Saitou Ken (天堂家物語 1巻 – 斎藤けん)

I read Ken Saitou’s Tendou-ke Monogatari (The Tales of Tendo Family, according to the cover) and it was simply amazing! (It got me out of my manga-reading slump btw ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ)


Edit: The second volume is releasing on April 5th! Buy at CDJapan or at Amazon Japan!

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Where to buy Japanese manga

I used to buy physical copies from Kinokuniya (they had a one to two-week waiting period for out-of-stock titles and that my twin and I pretty much ran out of physical space) but now, you can simply buy the e-book right from the Internet, wherever you are.

Some sites might give away extras like points or digital signed illustrations and occasionally the chance to participate in their raffles to get an actual signed illustration (サイン入り色紙). But you still have to have a Japanese address to receive it, haha.

Note: This post only covers what I’ve looked up as well as from personal use. If I’ve left anything out, let me know.

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(unboxing) Hata Akimi (畑亜希美) – Nidome no Koi wa Usotsuki (2度目の恋は嘘つき)

Volumes 1 to 4, I’m missing the last volume.

It finally reached me \w/ It took way longer than I expected through SAL shipping and the troubles it caused >A<

This series was one series that I have been waiting to read for a long time. (Note: It’s a josei manga, serialised in Shogakukan’s Petit Comic.) I bought this off AmazonJapan and for some reason, I ngelected to check the item description and only has 4 volumes instead of a complete set.

Contemplating to buy the last volume off LINE Manga. Will feel lonely without a hard copy but the economy that comes with it! Don’t need to struggle with my already bursting bookshelf /o/

Her new titles after Nidome no Koi wa Usotsuki are Ijiwaru Syrup and a serialisation called Kata’omoi Shoten (かたおもい書店) that just started in Petit Comic’s 4th issue this year. It’s about a new employee who finds herself in-charge of the comic section of a major bookstore and a charismatic bookstore assistant (書店男子) that manages the sales floor. The illustration looks lovely, can’t wait to see the compiled volume 🙂