(unboxing) MoteHapi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru~ (モテハピ~ココロtoカラダ満ちてくる~)

BJV3O4KCcAA_kvV.jpg large(from left to right, the character name card, the tokuten CD and the main story)

MoteHapi is the first situational drama CD released by Macaron Alacarte featuring guys who are trying to court your affections after the horoscope on TV said you’re in for a super lucky day☆ Your moteki (モテ期; the time in life where you’ll be popular among the guys, in this case www) is happening and goodness, everyone you see (even on the train!) are coming after you! Continue reading “(unboxing) MoteHapi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru~ (モテハピ~ココロtoカラダ満ちてくる~)”