Princess Closet Reo Kamiyoshi 2017 Birthday Project

I’ve been asked by Nanami-sama, an active Princess Closet fan from Japan to spread Reo’s 2017 Birthday Project to the English-speaking community (non-English speakers can also forward your messages, it won’t be a problem!).

What you have to do

  1. Tweet your birthday message with the tags,  and/or  at any time between April 12 to April 19, midnight.
  2. The length of your message mustn’t exceed 25 to 30 words.
  3. Please remember to include your (nick)name at the end.

All dates and times are in Japan Standard Time (GMT +9).

Nanami-sama will regularly collect the tagged tweets during that time period. The messages will then be printed and collected in a scrapbook. Photos of the scrapbook will be posted on Nanami-sama’s Twitter account and blog after it’s been received by Ciagram.

If you know friends who play Princess Closet, tell them to join in and celebrate Reo’s birthday together! Help spread the word! ✨

Here‘s Nanami-sama’s blog post about Reo’s 2017 birthday project.

If there’s any questions, leave a comment and I’ll ask Nanami-sama 🙂


I laugh, I smile.

I faced a very uncomfortable situation last week before the three-day holiday started. (But, it turned out that it was nothing at all. Oh well, my worries ~)

I started doodling on Paint. Prince William and Catherine’s wedding was on TV but I only watched a part of it and didn’t manage to finish that D:

I started with a set of eyes.. and when I finished the entire thing, I realised that my feelings were brought out (laughs)

Right after ‘Read more…’

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A new start..?

I apologise for my terrible entry titles xD Very boring, I know ><

So.. I finished these two and another extra (a preview, I don’t think I can export it to a .PNG file) on DrawPlus ^-^

Here’s the one that I used DrawPlus for. I had a design for a shitajiki (overlay, a board made of plastic/cardboard for writing) in mind seeing the paper sizes that I can work with in DrawPlus.

The textures that I’ve found are really nice. Looking forward to more fun I’m going to have >w<

Having a stylus is great

My uncle gave me a notebook that came with a stylus. I’m feeling a bit down so I just gave the stylus a bit of work and had some fun with it. I doodled a bit so I want to share it here.

I hope it’ll lighten your day :3

It’s kinda random and doesn’t mean anything in particular so please enjoy them light-heartedly ~

Very amateurish but I’m using Paint. Downloading DrawPlus from Serif. Hope to have some fun with it :DD

Will be posting up two extras that I did from Paint for the next entry.