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Galen Games – Deliver Us From Evil (DUFE)

I stumbled upon Galen Games’ Deliver Us From Evil, the team’s submission for the 2021 Otome Jam on!

This is a quick and short review 🙂

Mankind has wished since the dawn of time, but when those pleas turn dark, Heaven decides to answer. Tasked by the Archangel Michael to investigate, will our young angel Ariel follow her mission? Or will she stray from the light?

Synopsis for Deliver Us From Evil, from their page

This otome game is available on Windows, Mac and Linux, it has romance and mystery with a decidely gothic feel.

There are two playable love interests with the remaining character unavailable. However the team is open to additional development funded via Ko-Fi and has also a total of 6 CGs stills.

I have to say, when I see original English visual novels/games in general and it’s tagged as otome, I take it with a grain of salt.

In Galen Games’ case, I’m pleased to say that it checked all my boxes and exceeded expectations!

Visually, the sprites, UI and presentation are quite polished for a game jam submission!

There’s a bit of a mismatch with the partially voiced lines (or just murmurs), text speed and when it transitions to the next dialogue. I do wish we get to replay the voiced dialogues.

And a small number of the voiced dialogues calls for Ariel instead of the name that was chosen when she’s on Earth (Michael’s route), no biggie though.

The game has about 45k words and while it feels a tiny bit short, the story development from start to end is satisfying.

I have a major case of hearteyes with the writing style and the editing (read their post about it, absolutely fascinating). I like how Ariel’s inner thoughts is known to us. Then how brilliant the writing is when it comes to moving the game’s narrative forward.

Reading the posts by the development team helped me with my expectations with the character and routes.

I found Michael too off-putting at first with his constant take-charge ways even when Ariel is tasked to investigate. So I went with Ace first. Which is a good thing and helped smooth things out for when I played Michael’s route.

All in all, highly recommend this game! I’m very excited as to what the future would bring for Galen Games. They nailed the writing, the romance and as an avid reader of romance novels, it makes me unbelievably ecstatic to find an otome game that fits the bill.

The team is also accepting Ko-fis from now till August 15, 2021 to develop Keldran’s route so anyone who chips in a minimum of $6 will get an exclusive artbook (limited time)!


Download Deliver Us From Evil on!
Official website profile


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