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Golden Hour by Matchaa Studio

Golden Hour is a visual novel/otome game on mobile that is set in the Philippines that also showcases the Pinoy culture.

The game is now officially available on iOS and Android with two complete routes (Rui and Kouya) to play! (as of February 2021). This post will be updated as I play.

A new route will be out within the next few months so join their Discord server! Links are at the bottom of the post 🙂

Read their latest Kickstarter update and what I thought of Rui’s route after the cut!

Isn’t the trailer the cutest?!

From their page,

A young woman transfers into a new school in her mother’s distant hometown just as the term is nearing its close. She finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of activity leading up the school’s annual Festival of Lights.

Amidst a tangle of friendships, rivalries, courtships and conflicts she comes to learn the dreams, joys, fears, and foibles of those close to her—and must confront her own, as well. Will her choices lead them to a new light? Or sink them deeper into the dark?

  • Four romantic interests, each with their own multiple-ending storylines
  • Multiple illustrated (CG) scenes per storyline
  • Built-in guidebooks to the world of Golden Hour and the protagonist’s school

With Rui’s route on beta, there are bugs in places (longer loading times between starting each scene, for one) that the team are planning to fix.

The writing is fantastic with a lot of layers and meaningful dialogues at times. I really like how the game dwells right in the middle with the fun and the comedic along with the darker, more complex side of issues and life.

There is a good balance and I really appreciate that 🙂

On a lighter note, I really enjoy the Ayara School Link (ASL) where you see the students interact, it’s funny to see memes cropping up here :’D

Join their Discord to get the latest beta release!


Official website

Discord server / AppStore / Play Store

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