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Ratalaika Games bringing indie VNs to consoles this 2020

Several familiar names like Hanako Games, sakevisual struck me among the titles that Ratalaika Games has announced for consoles.

Before I list out the full line-up, I have to say that this is very exciting news for those who enjoy visual novels.

It’ll be almost a decade since I started playing otome-oriented visual novels and some of these creators have been around during the genre’s budding growth of original English content in the West.

This means wonderful things for these games being brought to newer platforms especially handheld consoles like PlayStation Vita and the latest Nintendo Switch.

Check out the full presentation on Youtube! The full list can be found after the video.

The full list as well as time stamps thanks to Zachary Alexandro!
0:26 – Long Live The Queen
2:19 – Blind Men
3:40 – Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet
4:58 – Angels with Scaly Wings
6:36 – A Summer with the Shiba Inu
8:15 – Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf
10:13 – Jisei: The First Case HD

Which would you be picking up and what platform would you be buying it on?

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