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Sworkit, Feeel and other workout apps

A preface since this might seem off-topic.

Self-improvement has always been on the fringes of my interests and exercising is part of my arsenal to deal with stress. Moderation is key and get on the exercises when you manage to. No pressure.

I started using Sworkit a few years ago, it was in 2018 that they went into an entirely subscription-only model which I went with as they had a $1 promo for a year.

Things happened and I didn’t fully utilise my subscription which is upsetting but this also meant that I am looking for alternatives to Sworkit.

I mainly exercise to tackle my stress levels so exercises that are beginner-friendly (stretching, movements) that don’t require (almost any) equipment would be just the right thing.

Just something to get myself active.

Sworkit is a great app on its own, even without the trainers to ask for input. Would be a good choice if you’re looking for the whole package of exercising and training but without having to go to an actual gym.

They have a wide variety of exercises and plans to cater to every age group (kids to senior citizens), even those needing rehabilitation too.

Sworkit is available on the web, iOS and Android. It currently has a 40% discount on their already discounted annual subscription for $35.99 (USD).

There is also Kids section that is free for all. Definitely for the energetic, haha.

I tried out two other apps. Considering the fact that they are free, they should be good enough to get you started before moving on to Youtube channels for a wider variety and range.

Feeel (legacy app, the new version is currently in development)

Simple to use, three different exercises available. No sign-up needed.

The exercises are scientific 7-minute workout, advanced 7-minute workout and advanced leg workout.

Tried the first one today and it’s great, my legs feel a little wobbly from the exertion but it’s good exercise and moderation is key.

The scientific workout can get a little repetitive due to the lack of variety and there are some images that weren’t available for the advanced workouts. Though I’m curious about the scientific part. More to watch out for in the new version 🙂

You can download the legacy app on F-Droid.

MuscleWiki (website, iOS version not available in my country and the Android version crashes on me)

I think this website could be great, you can choose which part of the muscle to work on and you can either do the

  • exercises (with equipment, I assume)
  • stretches
  • or exercises that rely on your body weight

Here is a directory of all the available exercises and its videos. I suppose this would be an awesome guide for those who want to start exercising and work on those muscles 🙂

Sworkit also has two free apps Stretching and Ab & Core which I’ve checked out. The catch is that they have ads. You can remove them for $1.99 each.

The workouts remind me of the 5-minute full body workout that I used to do on the complete app which is good if you want to try Sworkit for free and see how it’ll fit you. You can choose your workouts and skip the ones that don’t work for you.

Sworkit’s free apps are available for use without a sign-up but it doesn’t keep track of your streaks, calories and the duration/date of your exercises. May or may not be a deal-breaker for some.

Adding a quote to sum it all up – might come across as very gimmicky but the first line is definitely true.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

2 thoughts on “Sworkit, Feeel and other workout apps

  1. Thanks for sharing, MuscleWiki looks especially interesting to me. I’ve been using some youtube videos and a book to exercise on my own, but since I try to exercise 5 days a week at the moment, it’s nice to have lots of variety.

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for the comment! I absolutely agree that variety would help spice up one’s exercise routine 🙂

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