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favary, inc. crowdfunding sequel to First Love Story

Popping in real quick to mention First Love Story has a Kickstarter campaign to get the continuation localised for the Western audience!

Their original goal of $7,000 will now include the cost of translation, artwork, overall production and debugging as well as other aspects. They also aim to release the sequel three months after funding has closed.

Early access starts as low as $18 and many other attractive tiers with exclusive premiums (acrylic stands, canvas prints and etc.) are available for backers.

A recap of the game ー First Love Story features characters in a high school and comes in three different flavours (M/F, F/F and M/M).

Players are free to choose the couple they wish to play which include some stat-raising elements and also choices that will either increase or decrease the love interest’s impression of the MC (player).

The sequel will see how the couple fares with the misunderstandings now that they’re in a relationship, how they will overcome them and face each other – how their love will fare in the end.

Fret not, favary, inc. has made their crowdfunding available via PayPal as well if Kickstarter isn’t an option.

If you haven’t played the game, find it at the links below and check out their Kickstarter!

And Happy Holidays, everyone!

Get the game at Play Store (Android) ♪ App Store (iOS)
Social media: Twitter ♪ Facebook ♪ Instagram ♪ Website
Crowdfunding: Kickstarter / PayPal

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