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Updates for Dormitory Love spring+summer

It’s been a long time since an update but there are several things ongoing with the game.

Update! The JP remake now has a demo covering the prologue. Brand new UI, shiny sprites and even fully-voiced (including the MC)!

Send in your comments to Mirin-san on Twitter (@Mirin36) 😀 Find the demo here.

  1. The original (Japanese) is currently being remade with improved graphics, stills and everything plus the game will either run on Ren’py/Tyrano Builder (yet to be finalised.
  2. I’m now posting unedited translations of the game on TumblrFollow me there if you have an account! 🙂
  3. The Japanese release will be voiced, including the heroine Jun Minase. How awesome is that!
  4. The English-translated demo has been unavailable for a while and will continue to be like that until I make significant progress. (Really, I need more translating and editing done on my end.)

Check out the new trailers including shiny new sprites, made with 夏蜜柑!


There is an alternative and voiced version here! The cast is subject to change.


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