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Merchandise from Dolly Collection

maminoir, creator of Dolly Collection and former lead designer of Poupee Girl has opened a BOOTH store!

And what’s for sale? Stickers featuring items and dolls from the iOS dress-up app!

We got multiples of the assorted flake stickers and the 1st of the 6 available doll stickers for sale.

BOOTH stores only ship within Japan so you’ll need a forwarding address. Payment methods for those outside Japan are credit cards and PayPal.

(I recommend Tenso Japan and particularly, BuyandShip if you’re in the SE Asia region!)

Look at these gorgeous stickers!


The creator posted better photos of the items on Twitter!

And here’s a bonus from the creator! Totally reminds me of the angel outfits from Poupee Girl 😉IMG_20190616_174412


maminoir on Twitter / Instagram / minne

Dolly Collection
BOOTH store / iTunes Store / Twitter / Instagram / Instagram Hashtag
Twitter Hashtag

Note: I have included a referral link for BuyandShip. It’s a service that I use regularly, for now.

9 thoughts on “Merchandise from Dolly Collection

  1. SOOOO cute 😭 I always loved the design of poupee girl but never had the dedication to play it consistently www part of me wants to buy some stuff but the other half of me is OK just admiring from afar haha 😂

    1. I mostly play it on and off and it’s surprising how long since it closed 😥
      One of the nice functions was uploading your clothing and getting inspiration for outfits! Plus it’s also a way to see what you have in your closet (your uploads) and your actual closet – which had been good for organising x3

      1. Oh yeah I kind of forget how long it’s been since poupee girl closed…. I still have the ds games but it’s not quite the same! I can’t believe the website still works tho! I thought it would have been completely shut down by now :0

        1. The site did close, Dolly Collection is like a project of the lead designer’s which really resembles Poupee xD Still miss the site terribly though.

  2. I’ve never had the chance to check out Poupee Girl, but these are really neat! I’m still so lost when it comes to forwarding services so I just fall back on proxies, haha. Are you going to put them on anything or keep them as-is?

    1. Now you’ve given me an idea for a post about forwarding services! 😂✌ But yeah, the designer went above and beyond for Dolly Collection (including colour gradients on everything, the hair, for instance when it’s only limited to clothing on Poupee). We bought three and I’d like to at least use open a pack to use in some way xD It’s so cute!!

      1. I’m sure it’ll be helpful to have them all in one place if you do! I’m at the point where I’d rather just pay a little extra for someone to go through the trouble for me LOL. THAT’S REALLY IMPRESSIVE…now you can go all-out with customisation without having to even go online, heheh. Enjoy!! ✨

        1. Yeah, the stickers are super awesome. (Now to find the time to work it into my notebooks/letters… |Db) I hope the designer expands her goods (without too much trouble on her end, it’ll be super cool to see dress-up dolls but stickers instead, talk about woah ww)

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