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Flashpoint (2011) by Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope

Originally written April 27, 2019.

I finished the five chapters that is the core of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox film on DC Universe. My thoughts on the comic book after the cut.

(Thoughts on the DC streaming service will come soon.)

Spoilers below!

I think the five-issue Flashpoint is brilliant. The chapters definitely fleshed out more of the story line (lesser focus on Diana and Arthur’s destruction upon the world here but it’s done on a separate volume) and it was Thomas that finished Thawne off, setting Barry running off to change what he had done in the first place.

In the movie, I didn’t understand quite understand the mechanics of how and why Barry bumped into another version of himself. I get that he’s trying to stop his other self from saving his mother. The comics do show it but the movie didn’t, leaving me lost for a bit.

Anyhow, Element Woman is a nice and needed addition to the ensemble before they went into war. Shame that she didn’t appear in the animated adaptation. There are crumbs here and there of the other heroes/villains (and a peek into the Shazam! family’s thoughts. “Blood doesn’t make family, it’s the bond between people that does“).

There are deluxe issues released that include the pencilled and inked pages on top of the regular chapters. Wow.

Another check at ebook retailers gave me another release, Flashpoint Unwrapped, basically, the miniseries entirely in pencil with some extras and commentary.

The comics are usually inked and coloured but I can see even more of the details with it stripped down to the basics.

I’m used to Japanese manga with their black and white with grey tones. Coloured versions of manga don’t happen often. Unless those AI-coloured ones, haha.

Looked around the series and there are other Flashpoint issues featuring other characters – probably on the alternate timeline that Barry found himself in?


Hope to catch up on reading the other comics when I subscribe to DC Universe again :3

Buy links

Flashpoint (Digital Deluxe) (Unwrapped) on ComiXology.

Or read them on DC Universe for 7.99 USD a month, available for those in the United States.

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