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The old eBookJapan is coming to a close

eBookJapan finally sent out that email.

June 27, 2019 is when the old site shuts down. There are still methods to continue reading what you already have.

Reminder! If there are still e-books you want to buy and it’s already released, BUY IT NOW.

New! Guide on registering/logging into the new website and Android app.

Make sure you have a debit/credit card on file that is still active for use on the site so when you migrate, it’ll still be attached to your account.

The PR team on ebookjapan’s Twitter has given no guarantees that overseas-issued debit/credit cards can still work on the website/app.

According to @funkytachi, the new ebookjapan only accepts credits for e-book purchases. Credits mean that you buy a specific amount of in-app/site currency with real money and it gets deducted when you buy something. (Personally, this gets a big YIKES from me.)

Onto the methods to keeping your bookshelf alive!

  1. Migrate your account to the new ebookjapan. This requires a Y!J account.
    – Android users, there is a workaround to download the app. Go look it up.
    – iOS users, you have to make a Japanese iTunes account to download the app. If you don’t know how to, look that up too.
    This way, you can still read your purchases even though it’s on a less-than-stellar app.
  2. Download the (old) Windows eBi reader. Then go to your library/bookshelf and download all your purchases on your PC or device that has plenty of storage.
    You can still read them on the eBi reader but once deleted, you can’t re-download them after the old site closes for good.

    I understand that this might not be a feasible option (especially if you have thousands of volumes or a slow connection 💦).

Once you migrate your account, existing eBj points will be converted to T-Points (multiply 1.08 for every eBj point).

You can only use those points at ebookjapan, Yahoo! Japan, LOHACO and GYAO!. The points will be valid for the next 360 days after first logging into the new ebookjapan.

Windows, iOS and Android apps can still be used for the time being. Take note that once the downloaded e-book is removed from your device, you can no longer recover them. The Mac ebiReader will no longer be supported from June 17, 2019, onwards.

What frustrates me is that this news is already out on social media for at least a week or so and it took them long enough to notify us via email. It was the same when the merge happened. How can eBJ do this? (shakes head)

I plan to give a rough breakdown of what would be brought over to the new website and what aren’t. If I do, this post will be updated.

Guides on the registration and login for the new website and Android app are now up!

Thank you for reading and consider supporting me on Ko-fi!


9 thoughts on “The old eBookJapan is coming to a close

  1. I have like one volume of manga I forgot what it was on ebj that I got for free and to be honest I’m glad. I don’t really care enough to look up what it was and I can nowadays buy my ebooks from Rakuten anyway, which seems like a preferable option.

    1. I wish there were more ebook retailers back when we started going digital. ebj was the only retailer that doesn’t specifically state that their service is ‘Japan-only’ (and you can use your card instead of buying overpriced gift cards for iTunes, etc). You think they would know better with them being in the business for 19 years.

      1. I know right? Luckily I get my books through Kobo so I can without issues buy from Rakuten, but I will have like no retailer of Japanese ebooks now that ebj closes down that I can use without a workaround.

        1. Maybe you can check out BookWalker ( Some of their titles might be restricted to foreign IP addresses though. – They accept PayPal too.
          (Which reminds me that I really need to revamp that ebook retailer post… 💦)

  2. Time to grab what other B’s-LOG issues I want and bail to the new site when the deadline hits, I guess. I WAS THINKING THAT EBOOKS MADE THINGS SO EASY…SIGH…back to crying over shipping fees for physical books.

    1. I’m greatly disappointed but will still buy digitally. Thank you Kindle app, because reading light novels* on it will be awesome with the dictionary function! *in the near future
      Though really, I haven’t decide where to make my new manga home yet. It had been so easy with eBookJapan 😢

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