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Changes to new eBookJapan registrations

An outdated guide for registering at the former eBookJapan.

On September 11, 2017, the eBook Initiative Japan has been incorporated into Yahoo! Group and will now require a Yahoo! Japan ID for new registrations.

Existing accounts are not affected but linking your Yahoo! Japan ID will give you an additional 1% in points when you purchase with your preferred payment method (credit card, etc). This does not apply to purchases made with points.

Since Yahoo! Japan doesn’t have an English version for their interface… I’d thought of making a guide on how to do it, step by step.

I think you should already have a basic grasp of Japanese and the different kana (hiragana, katakana), if not kanji.

(Click to enlarge pictures)

1. Go to ebookjapan and hover over the selected area.


2. Choose the third row from the top. (Registration)ebj02

3. Login page. If you already have an account, choose the blue button.
Click on the Y! icon for a new account.ebj03

4. Login page for Yahoo! Japan ID users or to create a new account.ebj04

5. Fill in the details and the security verification, then click ‘sign up for Yahoo! Japan ID (yellow button).


6. Review your details and agree to the terms and conditions of service.


After these steps, you should receive an email (the one you used to register with Yahoo! Japan) with a code to login.

Once you’ve done that, your registration should be complete. The email address you used to register will also be the one receiving any emails to reset your password or any security alerts.

Go back to eBookJapan and login (refer to picture 3 and 4). Your first-time login will show this and the next screenshot.ebj07ebj08

And voila, you should have a working eBookJapan account with a Yahoo! Japan ID 🙂

Big thanks to Greenshot, the screenshot software that I used to make these and to Yukicchuu who mentioned it to me. (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

19 thoughts on “Changes to new eBookJapan registrations

  1. can’t write japanese, i wanna cry, there’s that manga i’d love to purchase damn it… any solution? OCR don’t work, i tried them all…

        1. Hi Linka, yes it’s possible to register but you do need to lookup a Japanese postcode beforehand. You also need to jot it down as you need it when you want to reset your password.

          1. Thank you!
            Is it okay to use any postcode? I mean, no one will check is it really mine or send anything?

            1. I’m located outside of Japan and like you, have to use a Japanese postcode when I registered. It’s probably just part of Yahoo! Japan’s requirement for personal details and no, they won’t be checking it.

  2. Would really appreciate some help if you can. I can go to my bookshelf and view and read my manga using a browser or the app on my windows 10 pc using my yahoo login.
    But I have been unable to gain access via the android app. when I run the app it takes me to an empty book case, and a “please login to your account” message. I click on that and it offers me a choice to put in my id and password and click login (which results in an error message”email address or password do not match”) or I can click on a yahoo login link which takes me to a page where it accepts my yahoo credentials, but then it goes to a ebookjapan log in page, but I don’t have e an ebookjapan login. (perhaps I needed them on day 1 but who remembers). there is no place to click on forgot id or password. any thoughts? thanks for any help you can give.

    1. That’s odd. So the situation for you now is that: You can’t access your ebj account/purchases on the Android app despite having a valid and working Yahoo Japan account. Your login credentials for Yahoo Japan and ebookjapan are the same unless it must be something else. Can you upload a screenshot of the ‘ebookjapan login page’ after you’re redirected on Imgur or other similar sites?

  3. I was looking to add some more manga to my collection after not visiting the site for a good while, and just found this out today… It appears to be too late for the merge thing, as I can no longer log in to my old account (it appears to now only accept yahoo based emails), and while I’m still logged in on ebireader on my phone, I can’t download anything in my library, as it just gives me errors…
    If it really is too late, I’ve lost hundred of euros worth of books/manga…

    1. Hi Ropponmatsu, I’m so sorry you didn’t get to find out sooner. The transition period had been till late May 2020 when you might have been able to salvage your account. There are a bunch of overseas readers (regardless of nationality) that were left out if they are not familiar with ways to circumvent the AppStore / PlayStore region restriction and are left to only read them on the browser. The ebireader’s servers closed a while back, hence the server errors.

  4. I made my transition in time, but one of my faculty didn’t. I tried to help her, but we got stopped at setting up a Yahoo! Japan account because the conditions had changed. I had been able to do it earlier (and had documented the steps) by using other email addresses, but now it requires SMS and we tried a couple versions of her cell phone number but it didn’t work.

    1. It’s possible that they require a Japanese cellphone number for authentication seeing as they’re advertising PayPay (not PayPal, sadly) a lot.

  5. I’m trying to sign up for an account but can’t find the email sign up anywhere, only SMS. I can’t sign up through this because I don’t have a Japanese phone number; is it impossible to get an account?

    1. Hi Jawsh, I checked and yes, new Yahoo! Japan accounts are required to have Japanese phone numbers. I don’t have one either and shiver at the thought of losing my purchases over something like this.
      The alternative now is BookWalker, seems quite accessible for those outside Japan (they have an international/English store as well).
      But if you already an Amazon Japan account (on top of a VPN (TunnelBear) to circumvent the initial restriction, forwarding address and any Japanese phone number), you can buy their manga on Kindle too.

  6. Is there no way to recover purchases? I just found out now. I had thousands of dollars of purchased manga on my EBJ account

    1. Not unless you already migrated your account to Yahoo Japan’s 😦 Other people also lost their purchases this way. They closed the old ebj’s servers last year.

      1. I found 25 email receipts from ebookjapan of purchases I made in 2014 and 2015 with my credit card. Who can I contact to restore the purchases?

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