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Recently watched: DC’s Titans

I have a peculiar habit of adding a lot of shows to my list and when I do watch them, only a handful ends up getting some time from me.

Anyhow, I heard of the series from DC-related news and I’m surprised at how much it drew me in. (Read: I watched several episodes back-to-back…)

First, the cast is brilliant. Every single one of them. I really enjoy how the characters have plenty of breathing room to just be themselves (instead of slapping a mission on them and it resolves at the end of each episode).

The direction the series took with their level of violence on screen has been refreshing and occasionally, made me wide-eyed with surprise. This is definitely for more mature audiences.

One episode had Rachel bumping into the Doom Patrol. I adore that episode! I can’t wait to see it on Netflix. I’m wondering if there’s a reason to the change of certain cast members for the spin-off series.

Even so, to find Brendan Fraser as Robotman (flashbacks and voice) and Matt Bomer (from the series, White Collar) as Negative Man? Phew, I need some hand fans from all the excitement!

Strange though, the way the last episode had went. (I read that it’s where Grayson hallucinated and he has to defeat a Batman who went rogue.) So I stopped at episode 9. Apparently, they thought it’ll make an even better season 2 opening, which is why the series ends at episode 11. I’m not gonna torment myself with a cliffhanger! 😂

In the end, I did give episode 11 a chance. Don’t think it added anything to the series but more questions for me as a viewer. How is it better to have an even more smashing opening for season 2 when season 1 ended the way it did?

Anyhow, there are simply A LOT of lovely people on this series!! The storyline is really interesting too. If you need something good to dive in, this might be a really solid series to start with.

The series is available on DC Universe in the States and on Netflix internationally.

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