A change in focus

With 100 posts on the blog, it’s high time for me to talk about a change with my blog’s focus.

I started this blog to give my otome game fandom space. Almost nine years after stumbling upon free-to-play doujin otome games, it pretty much trickled to something I do IF I had long stretches of free time.

Anyhow, just a very roundabout way of saying I’ll be blogging about other things outside my usual consumption of games, manga and other Japan-related things.

On the other hand, I have been reading a lot. This year saw me reading plenty of new authors. What have you been doing outside of Japan-related hobbies? :3

6 thoughts on “A change in focus

  1. Good luck with your other pursuits! I’ve mostly been into crafting. (Also, love your Hotaru icon. I was so excited to see it when looking up other Geten no Hana blogs.)

    1. Hi Kaede, thank you and the same to you too! Excited to meet another Geten fan!!! Hope you’re enjoying the game (≧▽≦)

      1. Here’s to the rest of the year (and nice to meet you, Amaya)! MORE GETEN LOVE and definitely, I already finished the game but I find myself missing it so I go back to play it every now and then…everyone’s so good.

  2. Oohh what have you been reading? ^_^
    I think I discovered doujin games (Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku) thanks to your blog at LJ hehe.
    Lately, I’ve been more into webtoons and CNovel hell though. :3

    1. I’ve been reading romance novels almost exclusively and authors new to me this year! Yes… What a long time ago www

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