Tendou-ke Monogatari gets audio drama as LaLa magazine freebie + vol.5 cover reveal

Didn’t realise the sudden jump of visits to my blog for more Tendou-ke content LOL

Anyhow, the series is getting an audio drama with Ishikawa Kaito voicing Masato in a track titled, Futari Dake no Himitsu no Hanayome Shugyou (A Secret Bridal Training) in the latest issue of LaLa (September 2018 issue)!!!

Order your copy to get the CD before the next issue releases! Once it’s no longer in print, they are usually not (if never) re-released.

lala sept 2018 cd cover

Check out a preview of Ishikawa voicing Masato! The audio drama does not feature Ran in a speaking role, like a situational drama where the speaking character is engaging the listener (you). I hope to see more Tendou-ke freebies from LaLa now on!

LaLa now also has an official page for the series!

Volume 5 will be releasing in less than a week! Have you ordered your copy?

And voila! Amazon Japan has the cover art of the upcoming release.


Playing catch-up? Check out my post on vol.4!

Buy links for vol.5 below!✨

Amazon Japan (physical) (Kindle) / CDJapan / eBookJapan (series link, vol.5 link unavailable at the time of writing)

More offers from Amazon Japan

Vol.1-3 set / Vol.1-4 set
Enter the coupon code ‘BOOKSET‘ and get 3% additional points with your purchase!

LaLa October 2018 Issue

Amazon Japan (physical w/CD) (Kindle – unavailable at the time of writing) / CDJapan / eBookJapan (unavailable at the time of writing) / honto


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