Tendou-ke Monogatari vol.4 by Saitou Ken (天堂家物語 4巻 – 斎藤けん)

I manage to pick up volume 4 a while after it came out and it kept me hooked all the way. We see more action now and there is a shocking turn of events at the party.

Spoilers ahead!


The volume begins with a young woman asking Karasu, the guy that Ran saved in book 1 to give her a reason to stay alive.

Turns out she was someone Karasu hired to act out the role of Ran, whom he remembers fondly and eager to have. While the young woman didn’t turn out as he wanted, Karasu tells her the story of his meeting with impostor!Ran and reveals that he thought of kidnapping her. The young woman, after hearing his story, feels bad for Ran.

Meanwhile, Ran is practicing how to bow properly when she’s presented to the matriarch of the Tendou family. Tachibana gladly informs her that she has done well as well reminding what she has to do during the garden party.

Masato, who left school early, enters, wanting to join in Ran’s preparations. Tachibana asks Ran what kind of weapon she would like. While she prefers the bow and arrow as well as a long stick, it’s decided that a concealed dagger would be best.

Next up is Ran’s clothing for the garden party and Masato actually wants Ran to change without going into another room. She turns him down bluntly and after a few moments, Ran blurts out that her face heats up whenever he touches her. He smirks and leaves them to it, promising Ran an explanation for her symptoms after the garden party. Tachibana comments on how long it’s been since he last saw Masato being genuinely excited.

The twins, Amane and Akira also appear in this volume. Apparently, Akira has Amane to take her tests at school. Masato’s uncle who appeared in volume 1 is also at the garden party. Masato wears his father’s military uniform to the event and Misao, his aunt, as well as his grandmother, commented on the resemblance.

Amane, dressed and posing as Akira approached Ran during the party. He draws her away from the guests and went to a nearby well. Purposely dropping a hand fan into the well, Amane pushed her in as Ran was looking into the well. Ran survives thanks to a dagger.

This surprises Amane but manages to convince Ran that should he be hurt, it will cause an uproar so they have each other’s word to keep this between themselves.

As Ran made her way to find Masato, she overheard a woman talking to their child about killing the matriarch’s cat who had eaten the child’s bird. “It’s a fair exchange”, the child said. A chill ran down Ran’s spine as she mutters that the Tendou family are a strange lot and then runs to find Masato, worried.

Someone catches her from the bushes and tells Ran about Masato being abducted by Karasu. A scuffle ensues and Ran ends up hurt, she tells Masato about how she’s satisfied that she protected him to the end and can be at peace and meet her grandfather.

This is not meant to be a summary of the volume! I won’t tell you the delicious parts of how Masato dealt with Ran being hurt and a great deal of other drool-worthy scenes (seriously, just go buy it!), it’s too good to miss!

However, volume four ends with Masato sending Ran away from the Tendou household, saying “Wherever she goes is definitely better than being here [with the Tendou family]“. What would happen to Ran now and what is brewing behind the scenes among the Tendou family members? The death of the Tendou family’s matriarch happened at such a public event with many guests in attendance and the twins are plotting for the family’s downfall. So many questions that I hope to see some answers in the next volume!

The series’ new volume will be published sometime this autumn. I found a release date on Twitter for September 6! While I’m pretty sure there are enough chapters already, I wonder if there is something else that will be taking up the author’s attention with such an extended release date? Interesting.

Can’t wait to put in my pre-order °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Note: I strongly recommend for those who enjoy the series to buy the books (regardless of format or official releases in your country) because more sales = the series will have a higher chance of continuing its serialisation!

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