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One-day only – “club MANKAI”

Notes: This is Sakyo’s blog post in the game and also A3!’s April Fool’s joke for 2018.

Many thanks to Syd and Minnyan for proofreading this!

Any mistakes are my own. Kindly let me know!

‥…━━ *‥…━━ * ‥…━━ * ‥…━━ * ‥…━━ *

This is Sakyo Furuichi, the owner of “club MANKAI”.

“club MANKAI” is a host club tucked away somewhere at Veludo Way with a homey and cosy atmosphere of a hideout.

You never heard of a host club like that?
Don’t pull such a critical comment.

My club has 22 hosts, including myself.
From the established little brother-type to the bossy-type and princely-type…
We have plenty of hosts with various personalities including the cult figure-type, the motherly type and more.
You’re sure to find a host to your liking.

I’m sure plenty of people would think that a host club is somewhat out of their league or even simply too embarrassing to enter…
But my club is both homey and comes at a reasonable price.
(*However, this depends on the kind of host you’re asking for)

We are here to provide the ultimate relaxation with a dash of spice for all mankind.
(*However, this depends on the kind of host you’re asking for)

I promise the most exciting time here at “club MANKAI”.
Come, we are open today.

“club MANKAI” is open for new recruits☆
No self-recommendations, referrals nor work experience required!
Would you like to aim to be the NUMBER ONE in our club?
Those interested can contact the store owner, Furuche otherwise known as Furuichi! (Miyoshi)

‥…━━ *‥…━━ * ‥…━━ * ‥…━━ * ‥…━━ *

See their official announcement on their Twitter |D


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