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Hot Date by George Batchelor

I had Hot Date in my collection of stuff to check out for a really long time and since I was feeling depressed + needed some time out of reality, I checked it out.

2018-03-23 17_14_05-Hot Date

It’s speed dating, something I would probably never pluck up the courage to go to such an event nor am I good at dishing out tidbits of myself like that.

AND IT’S A PUG. Which is an interesting factor. I mean, there are games where the playable characters are pigeons! Why not pugs ;D

2018-03-23 17_15_58-Hot Date

I like the background music and the options are amazing. Some even ask your answers to be typed in instead which is kinda awesome.

While the pugs, I mean, guys look the same, their names and personalities are different and I like how the system works. You can sound totally uninterested or the exact opposite and when the time is up, next pug please! Haha.

2018-03-23 17_17_35-Hot Date

At least now I know that Barbarella likes to read romance novels too. 😂


Game at (free to play)
Creator’s page / Twitter




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