Plans for 2018

Just a few thoughts that I want to put out there. In any case, I might have jinxed it already. The idea to keep these to myself didn’t sit well with me – since I did the opposite once and it ended poorly.

First, I’d like to keep up with the blog like I did the previous year. Just the simple desire to keep up the writing.

After that is to dedicate some time for my pet projects like the Dormitory Love series and some fan translation stuff that I have left on hold as I learned the ropes of being a freelance translator. I’d like to see more progress on this front in 2018.

Next, read more romance novels and write about them (this will be on my Tumblr) – who knows, I might just move it all here (if I can sound intelligible). And to find more lovely authors.

Better time management and also help myself to a better frame of mind. I’m having trouble with these since New Year’s Eve (ouch) and it’s just bringing me to my knees (awkward laughs)

I have a lot of stuff waiting for me to read, listen and play too… and will get to that. (How could I face my backlog and new releases otherwise?)

A group play(?) of Bocchi x Musume (Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome) with my friends is also in the cards and I’m really looking forward to that.

Also, I want to work on some self-improvement like learning a new language (I’m looking at you, Italian course on edX), for starters.

The Lunar New Year is coming soon and I’m pretty excited xD

2 thoughts on “Plans for 2018

  1. \o/ Bocchi Musume whee!! Except I keep getting the stupid endings where I don’t end up with anybody how is this even possible LOL is this a sign of my future???

    Anyways I think it’s good you wrote everything down Amayan~ It’s always good to write this kind of stuff down to help keep you accountable I think. Or at least, for me it helps (probably why I haven’t written this kind of post/gone back into blogging HAHA). I’m sure your 2018 will go up from here 🙂

    1. It can’t possibly be a sign of your future! I won’t allow that to happen! www
      Same… I’m half-minded whether to follow a walkthrough or just fura fura through the choices xD

      Thanks so much Serena💕💕 (hugs) It’s a reminder of sorts to myself to work towards those things as I tend to lose track of things as time passes xD

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